7th Jan 2001, 11:54

I have a Volvo 240 DL 2.3l automatic, and I use it frequently for hauling my kids around town. It gets excellent mileage, something must be wrong with yours.

Barbara, Ca. USA

16th Mar 2001, 07:38

I agree, something is seriously wrong.

I have had a 2.1L carburettor model, which did 27mpg normally, 30 mpg on a long run.

Now I have a 2L injection model which does 30mpg normally, up to 35mpg on a run.


16th Nov 2002, 19:33

We have owned two Volvo 2 series wagons and both have returned high twenty miles per gallon, even the first being a 265. Your brick was probably suffering from a shot fuel pump or dirty injection system which can just about bring these things to a grinding halt. We also use our current Volvo for towing the family boat and still get fuel figures way above yours. Being a cubic inch man I found the Volvo lacking in bottom end power under load, but this vehicle works on revs not torque so it might be that you were laboring the motor... Who knows? But when you work out how to drive these thing they are a pure 10 / 10 vehicle.

Regards Dale Harvey.


1st Aug 2004, 19:27

Something is really wrong with the car. I Love Volvos. My brother, his G/F and I all have Volvo's. Mine is a 1990 2.3L Auto and it drives great. Not Acceleration, but in handling. Took a turn labeled 25 MPH once at 75MPH. NP. Dead stock. I want to fix it up with suspension mods from IPD soon. Here comes 90 MPH!!! First car, but barely broken in with 153,000 Miles. 300,000 will be an achievement.

10th Oct 2004, 12:12

To the person with the 8 volvs-

Is the petrol lasting 3 days good or bad?

14th Apr 2008, 03:32

I put a gallon of petrol in my lawnmower last year. I think its still there.

7th Jan 2009, 13:23

My guess is that you have a problem with your O2 sensor. That can kill your gas mileage. Mine's at 350,000 km and it still gets 25 miles/gallon in the city and over 30 on the highway.

16th Jun 2009, 21:23

Hi I just bought a used 1990 240 DL. It seemed to be OK, but now the engine light is on and it is currently only getting 6 to 7 mpg ($40 tankfull gets 85 to 95 miles).

The diagnostic indicates that the O2Sensor needs to be replaced. I am short on cash, and I am hesitant to invest in the O2Sensor and labor. Will changing it really get the mpg up into "normal" ranges?

I bought the 240 because of it tank-like safety, but I am short on cash, frustrated and even wondering if I shouldn't just forget about the Volvo and try to get another car.

Thanks for any advice.

2nd Jul 2009, 22:10

I have a 1990 240DL. I get mid 20's per gallon fuel economy.

My wife has driven this car for 3 years. Have replaced tie rod ends at 250,000 miles, rack and pinion at 350,000 miles.

This car still drives like new, and it looks new as well. No rust anywhere, original black paint is in exceptional condition. Seats with no splits or tears. Engine purrs like a kitten.

It's been one of the best investments I've ever made. I bought it reasonable, have put very little into it. I hope to get a half million miles on this beauty!

Like any other car, taking care of it helps its longevity.

3rd Jul 2009, 20:37

Yes, a malfunctioning O2 sensor would cause horrible mileage, and fixing it should resolve the problem. It's a pretty simple thing that shouldn't be too expensive.

The 1990 Volvo 240 just about the most long-lasting and dependable car model ever made. If you want to buy something else, buy something else... but all modern cars have O2 sensors, and O2 sensors go wrong from time to time on all models.