1980 Volvo 242 DL Wagon B20 from North America


The car was a tank


Had to replace the right side MacPherson strut.

Replaced and spliced exhaust pipe.

Cleaned and replaced brake pads on all four wheels. No more rubbing, grinding and squeaking.

Manual shifter plate was missing, so you never knew what gear you were in.

When outside temperature was high, transmission wouldn't go into overdrive.

Rear window wiper wouldn't work.

Cruise control wouldn't work.

Fog lights wouldn't work.

Air conditioning wouldn't work.

Major body damage due to road salt. Rear wheel wells were gone. Recovered with thin aluminum from recycling yard and attached with rivets. Sealed edges with silicone and filled interior with expanding foam. Worked great.

Driver seat was in horrid condition.

General Comments:

I purchased car from private owner for $400. It needed new tires right away since the front were bald and the rear had old worn out studded snow tires.

I drove the car for four years with only the repairs noted above.

I used the vehicle as my geology field truck. It worked great.

Four years for four hundred bucks!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2002

27th Apr 2003, 01:58

If it is a wagon, it is called 245, not 242...

1980 Volvo 242 DL from North America


The 200 dollars that lasted a year


Rear wheel wells are completely rusted out.

The passenger door and sunroof are very hard to shut properly.

The power steering has been unhooked because it caused the car to veer sharply to the right - you could let go of the steering wheel and take a right turn.

The odometer does not work and the speedometer stopped working.

The clutch is slipping.

And to top it all off I hit a huge pot hole last winter and messed up the suspension in the front passenger side.

That's a lot and I even forgot to mention that the in-tank fuel pump never worked since I got it so I always had to keep the fuel level over half a tank.

General Comments:

I love Volvo. Even with all the problems this one had it was a wonderful ride. It started everyday. Even after sitting in freezing cold weather for a week it fired up without putting up a fuss.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2001

11th Jun 2002, 01:49

I am glad that you like your Volvo, but every vehicle encounters problems and preventative maintenence goes along way.

11th Oct 2004, 15:36

A 242 with a sunroof and a bigger engine is expensive these days in europe... a pitty, it's dead! : (

30th Jun 2006, 00:13

The car is pulling to the right BECAUSE of you hitting pot hole, as you mentioned. Nothing, that good mechanic can't fix, though.

1980 Volvo 242 GT 2.1 normally aspirated from North America


Nothing but minor repairs and small fix-it's.

General Comments:

Amazingly stiff and nimble response, timeless styling and amazing reliability. Car has 345,000 km and it looks more like 100,000. The factory GT stripes add all the style you could ever need.

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Review Date: 24th January, 1999

12th Feb 2006, 22:51

Yeah so my dad has a 1980 Volvo GT and it runs sweet. He just makes it keep going. Not only are they a great running car they look sweet aswell. And there really easy to work on. I also Have an 1980 volvo GT. I picked it up for 100 dollars. It runs great and I'm looking forward to keep it running and drive it as long as I can. Volvo GT's=Great CAR.