1983 Volvo 244 GL 2.4 Litre from North America


I'll think twice before I buy another Volvo (I LOVE my Jaguar!)


Transmission, water pump, electrical problems, engine wiring harness, air conditioning, timing belt, foam in seats.

General Comments:

It was a slug, but comfortable to drive.

I don't know why, but other drivers were extremely rude when I drove it on the freeway (constantly riding my rear bumper and cutting me off -- never happened in any of my other cars).

But the BIG problem was that it LOVED to visit the dealer!

I noticed that whenever it reached the recommended service interval for fan belts, that the dealer's mechanics would ALWAYS tell me that the fan belts were cracked, dry, and brittle, and needed to be replaced. They NEVER were!

It would have been VERY NICE if they'd checked the timing belt, because it went out without any warning from them (after it had reached TRIPLE the recommended service interval!). It was cracked, dry, brittle, and SHREDDED!

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Review Date: 13th October, 2012

14th Oct 2012, 12:54

Earlier Volvos were a bit iffy with quality, mostly electrical stuff, but even later 240 models require somewhat of a side budget, just in case.

Once everything's fixed, you're usually good to go, but they're closer to hobbyist cars than practical cars.

1983 Volvo 244 GL 2.3 litre 4 cylinder gasoline EFI from North America


This is a wonderful, solid, classic car


As would be expected for a car with > 200,000 miles, some work has been required. Normal maintenance has been done, including timing belt replacement.

Clutch replaced at 105,000 (still on 2nd clutch now)

A/C failed after about 10 years, never repaired.

Main engine wire harness replaced.

Multiple exhaust and muffler replacements.

Overdrive repaired once.

Sun roof mechanism failed after 20 years.

Heater fan noisy, but works.

Cruise control inoperative.

Windshield washer inoperative.

Clock inoperative.

Leather now cracking, but was good for 20 years.

Fuel pumps replaced (both of them, at different times)

General Comments:

I bought this 1983 Volvo 244 GL new in Sunnyvale California in October of 1982. I love this car. The engine runs perfectly, has good power and very smooth, and with 203,000 miles the head has never been off. Once drove four men plus luggage from Palo Alto, CA to Los Angeles and then drove around LA for 2 days before filling up the tank - about 35 mpg with overdrive and 4 speed. Original white paint is still glossy and smooth. I constantly enjoy the way it feels when driving it - it still feels tight and solid. Kept in California only so zero rust. It is quite likely I will restore it rather than parting with it, and continue to drive it, hopefully for many more years.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2007

30th Jan 2007, 04:13

I agree with you- 244 Volvo are great cars. I have had mine for only three years, but I love it and don't think I can part with it.