1988 Volvo 244 GL 4 cylinder from North America


Volvo forever


So far nothing has gone wrong with this particular Volvo. I still have to clean up the fuse box a bit, and the right side rear turn signal has a bit of a glitch in it.

General Comments:

I read the reviews on a ton of cars. I am finishing off my divorce, have to do the bankruptcy thing yet, and global issues and reliability class value all came into play.

I like older vehicles, I like to fix things... and I like good value. Maybe if the divorce falls out, but I always wanted one of these...

I found mine sitting in a used car lot. In great shape... mind you there is some rust... but most of the major records came with the car... and I probably paid too much for it... but what the hay...

Interior is mint. Fixed a couple of minor holes in the rockers for safety, and off and running we are.

My kids hate it... LOL the pick up generation... but after two weeks they are starting to get used to it.

This thing is solid... turns on a freaking dime... I have very little body roll in mine, contrary to other postings...

It was running a bit rough, but a quart of transmission fluid in the fuel has smartened that issue up.

The plugs should be changed... this weekend... tune up time...

The only time I have had an issue with the car was when I came to a yield. I made the turn and merged, and was a bit scared; not because it was slow, but because I was in first gear, which I find a little short for where I like to shift at...

And I do have lotsa kms on this beauty, and I was a little choked to hammer it. I should have bumped up to second gear and hit it..

The little 4 cyl has tons of torque, and to be honest I find myself over running traffic in the city. I easily keep up with traffic at any time... not racing Turbo Stealths, but it has no trouble keeping up in traffic...

But the best part was... at one point I was a little disgusted with the rust part. I was thinking about selling her and buying another one in better shape. I was pulling through an intersection 2 turn lanes... with a high brow BMW beside me... rag top sporty... LOL the driver was a younger guy (I am 51) who had a gangster bandanna on, looking all cool in his toy, he could neither pull away nor out corner me on the corner. He then look beside him to see.... WTF... and the panicked looked on his face was like master card... priceless... LMFAO... that was the kicker.

This week I hopefully off to Vancouver for a short contact job. I will be looking for a pristine 240 4 door... with a turbo... ROTFLMFAO sway bars springs... turbo... under 10,000 and I should have a rice eater worth really driving.

Parts are really cheap in a pick and pull place... I don't know... but I should have bought one years ago...

Seriously the inside is basic. No toys to play with, doors open really wide, plastic dash or not. It is a really solid car, the seats are big armchairs, and once you get used to sitting in them like an arm chair, the seats are great!!!

Central locking is awesome... it includes the trunk.

The intermittent wiper for me is perfect... just a finger tap and it wipes...

Radio placement is poor.

Heater is magnificent. Heated seats are great.

Hardly any rattles if any.

Did I mention the turning? You can zip into spots that will surprise you. Half a turn of the wheel pretty much gets me around a 90 degree street corner.

Brakes hammer on.

I use the door pocket for a cup holder, which kinda sucks in city driving. Maybe not used to it yet.

The dash shelf holds my BlackBerry perfectly (Storm) the smaller one.

I shoot around the perimeter at a buck twenty with ease. And get there without difficulty.

I really don't know what to say. I am just tickled with this car!!!. I can see why the Volvo drivers look so freaking smug... you don't know what I have...

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Review Date: 30th April, 2010

1988 Volvo 244 from North America


Amazing car, reliable and great for city driving


Brakes and mufflers were replaced 3x in 20 years.

Alternator out at 5 years.

General Comments:

They don't make cars that last like this anymore; too bad because I'd buy another.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2009