1991 Volvo 244 2.3 from North America


Safe, slow to merge, cheap insurance


Brake junction went.

Master cylinder went.

Auto transmission is leaking badly. I researched on the brickboard and the cost maybe $400 or so.

General Comments:

I bought this car because I had owned three other 240 Volvo's.

The first car was the best, an 81 station wagon. I bought that for $700, drove it for three years and sold it for $400, because the transmission took 15 minutes too warm up. To me that was a free car. I only did basic maintenance.

The gold 84 was so-so.

The white 88 was stolen before I could see if it was a good car.

So far this one my 91 has been a good car. I have only did normal maintenance and luckily have done the work myself, so the brake junction was $95 and the master cylinder was $110. I even took the seats apart and fixed the heaters in them per instructions on the brickboard.

I had the timing belt done for $450. I bought the car for $1100. I had new tires put on for $400. So this car is set up for the next 45 thousand miles. So for roughly $2150 I have a perfectly maintained car.

It rides like a heavy car. The brakes are good, four wheel disc brakes.

It has a big trunk. It is a big small/medium car. I am 6 foot 4 and have plenty of room. The seats are in excellent condition.

The paint is good because it is not that clear coat stuff, just buff it out and the shine comes back.

The great thing about the car is that it is safe and the liability insurance is only $139 prepaid for six months. Thereafter it is $121. I am 39, maybe I finally hit that magic age for low insurance?

The bad thing about the car is that it is slow too merge on the freeway. I drive my friends Oldsmobile V6 sometimes, another four door sedan and it feels very powerful. Once the car is up to speed it cruises nice, and I have cruised at 80 miles an hour on the freeway. So in in-town driving, the car is OK and you will not notice its lack of power.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2009