1975 Volvo 245 DL B21A from France


Totally boring great car that does what it was designed to do


Had to clean out and adjust that British horror, the Stromberg carburettor.

General Comments:

A dull, solid, practical car.

Carburettor is OK once cleaned out and adjusted, but is weak point.

I've been told by 25-30 year old workmates that it looks like a truck (took it as a compliment) and the huge bumpers scare would-be tailgaters away.

Unfortunately used parts are very rare in France. Dealers are acceptable for new parts, but Volvos are "class" cars here with a corresponding high parts cost.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2001

25th Jan 2002, 16:41

I have a Volvo 245 DL from 1975, it's now 27 years old and it's a great car.

It has new oil in the engine, gear box and in the back where the traction is.

It goes fast enough - about 150km/h which is good for a car that is 27 years old. The power is excellent, with 4 brake discs.

The car now is totally restored and in a few years it will be like a museum car!...

22nd May 2003, 13:31

We've had a 245DL from 1975 since new. It has lived all its life in Ecuador, with poor roads and products (oil, etc). This car still runs wonderfully, though the engine has been rebuilt.

It is a daily transport to and from work, road trips and expeditions - to this day.

The car is underpowered, but does O.K. once it is moving, and feels very safe at different driving conditions.

Leo in Tucson, Arizona.

21st Mar 2008, 10:28

Alberto Averill Chile March 21 2008

I had a 1979 245 that was my mother car and ran OK for all this time. I sold it for parking problem,but need transport for my bicycles so I am going to buy a 1975 model and adapt a diesel engine and off road tires Project s an otback model with fuel efficiency.