1982 Volvo 245 GLT turbo from North America


Solid urban dependable BEAST


Paint wore out, got another paint job a few years back.

Speakers are going (original)

Seats are starting to lose lower support. Noticable after driving for a while.

General Comments:

It's a wagon. The car is a BEAST!! The turbo really makes a huge difference when climbing hills and getting on the freeway. On colder mornings, it sputters when starting, and you have to rev it up to about 2,000 rpm's for a good 20 seconds to get the fuel injection to function properly, but its expected and typical for a car going on 30 years old. The turbo 4cylinder engine does not get as good gas milege as the normal engine. Gets about 20-22 freeway without digging your foot into the pedal. The turning radius is AMAZING for such a long and narrow station wagon. Can turn on a dime. I have a lot of faith in this car, and plan on having it for at LEAST another 100k miles. HIGHLY recommended.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2007

1982 Volvo 245 DL 2.1 carburetted from North America


A rugged, reliable workhorse


When purchased, the alternator and battery both needed replacing.

Driver's seat upholstery was torn when purchased.

Driver's side lower spring seat broke at approximately 365,000 km.

High speed on windshield wipers only works intermittently (low speed always works fine).

Car has significant rust in the wheel wells, and the spare tire well is completely rusted through.

General Comments:

This is our fourth Volvo 240 series. It has been a bargain for a car costing only $275.

We have carried many huge loads with it (including a complete Ford six engine) with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

The car starts the first try, every time, without being plugged in during our frigid (-30C) winters.

The seats are extremely comfortable, I have driven 900 km in a single go with no back pain or numbing of the behind.

Even at its high mileage the car has lots of power and overtakes other cars effortlessly on the highway.

Fuel economy is consistently 25 mpg, regardless of the load carried.

My only real complaint is that running without a load interior noise levels are very high to the point of rendering conversation impossible.

The best feature is ease of repair, everything is easy to get at and parts are readily available (and inexpensive) through chain stores or at the wrecking yard. Most jobs can be accomplished with patience and a simple metric socket and wrench set.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2006

14th Feb 2006, 01:01

The good design and practicality that Volvo valued are still evident in these great cars- they're almost impossible to kill! Long live the Volvo 240!

7th Apr 2008, 14:24

Volvos can carry more than their payload. Our '82 245 took about 1600 lb. It was dragging on the ground but these cars are only rated for 1000 lb. It went through mountains towing a trailer and was completely unflappable. Amazing vehicles that I wish they still built. Simple and reliable instead of today's luxurious and not-so-reliable Volvos.

1982 Volvo 245 GLT 2.0 turbo from Italy


High performance and high comfort, but this car drinks too much fuel


When we bought it the turbo was broken, changed all the engine, turbo and transmission.

Front lights became bad and are a little bit broken.

The heat is too hot and it's difficult to have warm temperatures with its air conditioning... only cold or hot.

General Comments:

We bought this car in 1996 and we paid it almost nothing, it had a tired engine and broken turbo. We bought a crashed 244 and placed its engine and transmission in the 245.

It works very good, but it needs much too fuel to go on. The car is very big and we use it to bring heavy and big loads inside.

The comfort is excellent!

I like very much to drive it!

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Review Date: 27th September, 2001

24th Jan 2006, 16:58

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