1985 Volvo 245 DL 2.3L gas from North America


Decent daily driver


First, let me state this was my Mother-in-Law's car. Technically it is a one owner car.

Over the 26 years, bushings, brakes, timing belt, and tires have been replaced more than once.

Last major problem was there was a problem with the Lambda Sond unit. When braking, the car would stumble then surge (very scary in traffic).

Dealer refused to work on the car when the car was about 15 yrs old (by 'refused', they could not find what was wrong, took 3 tries to have them fix vs always finding problem previously). Hence the zero. As a comparison, when I talking to the mechanic at the Mercedes dealer, he was working on a 50 yr old 220S.

Car has minor rust behind the rear wheels where the spare tire wells are (in Sweden, Volvos came with 2 spare tires, one on each side of trunk/back).

Paint and interior almost as new.

General Comments:

I started driving this car as my daily driver around 1999/2000. I replaced the radio and added a subwoofer (240 wagons can only use 4" (10 cm) speakers). In 2003 the car was 'taken' away from me for use by my Brother-in-Law. After a couple of years he 'dumped' it back at the Mother-in-Law's house where it remained for several years until I retrieved it in 2009.

I had it serviced, installed new tires, and drove it across Illinois to its new home.

This area is quite hilly and the car did not want to go up the hills. I was thinking of donating the car for a tax write-off, so I decided to try it one more time. New gas and system cleaner later, the car is running fine.

I have found I prefer driving this old Volvo over my 2006 Chrysler 300C; I will be selling the Chrysler.

The car is not the fastest off the line, but it does pick up very well. Braking is smooth and it can stop very quickly if needed. Needless to say, they are the safest car on the road.

The seats are supportive and comfortable. The back has a lumbar adjustment. Both the front and rear of the lower seat can be raised/lowered manually. The material in all DL wagons is vinyl. There are no rips/tears anywhere in the car.

Visibility is excellent, as the pillars, while forming a roll-cage, are not real wide.

Being a DL, it does NOT have power windows, cruise control, or ABS. It does have power brakes, power door locks, smooth shifting automatic. Very utilitarian.

This is my 4th 240 Volvo, I also had a 1980 242 (purchased with 170,500 miles, drove for 3.5 yrs), and a 1983 245 (purchased with 113,000 miles, then drove it to Central New Mexico and back, traded for 1988 truck in 1992).

Would I buy another Volvo? Yes I would, but not a new/current model.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2011

1985 Volvo 245 DL 2.1L from North America


Reliable, tough, a little expensive to fix, easy to work on


Air mass meter (a 200 dollar part that I know not its function) went out causing the car to cease starting.

Had a major brake overhaul at 150,000, needed another when I sold it; both times because water got into the brake system somehow and corroded the entire system.

3 of the outer door handles broke.

Numerous electrical problems, from the lights to the radio to the starter.

Replace valve cover gasket at 220,000.

Lumbar support in driver's seat broke, making an already uncomfortable seat worse.

General Comments:

You can pack ungodly amounts of stuff in this thing. I packed to the gills many times with stuff and people and drove this car cross country several times.

I left me stranded once in 7 years when the timing belt broke, but it didn't ruin engine.

Very reliable car, though many seem to have electrical problems.

Not the most comfortable if you're 6'3" like me, not enough legroom.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2006

1985 Volvo 245 GLT 2.3 injection petrol from UK and Ireland


Odometer stopped at 108,000 miles 6 years ago. Gear box replaced after my daughter learnt to drive - seemed unaware that using clutch was essential when pulling up at traffic lights. Sagging rear end - but never changed shocks or suspension. Oil leak somewhere around dip stick tube.

General Comments:

Had only 2 cars in 23 years, each one a 240 estate with fuel injection. Very fast when needs be. Very reliable if you do basic maintenance like spark plugs and distributor cap. Never sent either car 'to be serviced'. Changed clutch plate when replaced gear box otherwise no major repairs. Beginning to rust on sills and back tail gate. Looking for another one but they've stopped making them.

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Review Date: 26th July, 1998