1979 Volvo 264 GLE 2.7 PRV from Germany


The best 6cyl behind 164 and TP21


When I used the AC every day (in turkey - on holiday), the condensing water got inside the car. (It was only a problem of leafs which came inside through the air intake - not serious!)

One light of the instrument panel became out of order.

The rheostat for the instrument panel light was oxidized.

The shock absorbers has to been changed at 200000km.

General Comments:

The car is really quick when you will drive fast (11sec/0-100km/h). Maximum torque at 3000rounds/min - 220nm!

The body is the same! as of the 240 ones, but it is a little more comfortable than the 240. (AC, overdrive, heated seats, velors, hydraulic clutch, servo, electric power windows (front and rear) a.s.o.)

It looks much more better than the normal 240 (nice front.)!

The maximum speed is only 180km/h.

It's one of the safest cars in the world!


You should not drive on more than 4000rounds/min when the oil is older than 5000km! (Change it at intervals of at least 10000km!!! - or you would have problems with your camshafts and)

When the motor is cold, drive not more than on 2500round/min (the motor is completely made of aluminum!!)

Use a minimum of 50% antifreeze cause of the possibility of corrosion inside the motor!

Don't by a car when the oil was not changed at the right interval. If the oil has been changed at intervals of more than 20000km the camshafts may be down!

Every 100000km look for the right tension of the timing chain - the tensioner are not as good as the tensioner of a Mercedes!

If you care about the things above, the motor is good for 400000km!

If you want to tune up your engine, the DMC and the Renault alpine has the same!!! Therefor it's an easy way to get an engine with 180 to 250 hp (alpine 610 bi-turbo)!!!

I forgot the mileage: I drive with 9.3 to 11.5l / 100km. In Winter you need 14l /100km on short distances.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2002

1981 Volvo 264 GLE 2.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A moving swedish electrical fault ridden bathtub


Had problems starting from six months after ownership. Volvo mechanic said that an electrical malfunction caused the fuel pump relay and ECU to short out. After a $500 repair job... engine just didn't start. Assumed fuel pump failure.

Gauges worked intermittently.

General Comments:

Brakes are generally good for a non-ABS.

Never pushed the car since it was not made for it.

Apparently Volvo make terrible 6 cylinder engines. 264's are the worst in the series for reliability. One's best buys would be the 240 or 244 series.

Tri-speed automatic transmission was also uneconomical at high-speed travel.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2002

31st Jul 2002, 07:34

Er..! Wrong again, mate! The V6 engine of the Volvo 264 is a joint-venture mischief by Volvo, Peugeot and Renault.

Originally it was planned as a V8-engine, but lack of space in the already made bodies (!) from the 3 manufacturers dictated the need for shortening the engine. This was achieved by sawing off two of the cylinders and leaving the engine with a strange angle (90 degrees) between the 2 rows of cylinders.

9th Sep 2003, 08:54

Also not entirely true.

The oil crisis of 1973 made them decide to delete 2 cylinders...

The 90 degree angle was made to give space to the injection system. A bit strange, but it worked quite nicely...

23rd Feb 2008, 14:44

The b28 V6 is a bad motor.. the b280 V6 in 87-90 760/780 are very, very, reliable powerplants.. swapping a b280 in a 264 can be done with deep pockets..

1979 Volvo 264 GLE 2.7 V6 from Denmark


Noisy, but nice


Worn flywheel leading to starter-engine failure (twice).

Fan-motor blown after 21 years of impeccable reliability.

Replacement gear-box worn out after approximately 180,000 km. Original gear-box must have worn out at 270,000 km according to my math.

There were frequent replacements of parts of the exhaust.

General Comments:

Considering the high mileage when bought the car has proven incredibly reliable throughout my ownership. Nothing went wrong that could not be anticipated with such a well-used car.

The Volvo is quite noisy, even when you compare it to its contemporaries in the high end of the price range, but apart from that it is very comfortable on trips which are no longer than approximately 500 km.

The body is incredibly sound. Only minor specks of rust has appeared in its 23rd year.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2002