1983 Volvo 340 DL 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Windscreen wiper motor got very noisy & packed up at approx 40000 miles - replacement lasted OK.

Starter motor at approx 80000 miles.

Clutch replacement at approx 85000 miles.

Other than that, normal stuff you would expect - brake linings, spark plugs, oil etc.

General Comments:

The 340 is a phenomenon. It must be one of the most derided cars - by those who have never been 'intimate' with one.

Every thing is 'right', the handling is superb, traction is very good even in snow, due partly to the mounting of the gearbox at the back. Our 1400cc engine never seemed underpowered, (a 5 speed gearbox would have been nice).

The body, (nasty beige colour) when washed, - which was not often, still looked new at 11 years old.

I cannot think of a more suitable car as a modest hatchback for the British market, indeed, a very high proportion of the total production came here - just look at the traffic on any busy road even 10 years after production ceased, it will not be long till you see one.

As a footnote, I agree with another comment here about the main dealer, we found then patronising and expensive.

Fortunately, any local long established garage will be able to look after a 340 just fine.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2003

21st Jun 2005, 16:32

I have to agree with regards to Volvo Dealers. I have used them twice, and in both occasions, I found them far from helpful and ridiculously expensive.

A Volvo 340 should be straight forward to maintain. I did all my work myself with few problems. However, most small independent garages should have no trouble carrying out repairs on a Volvo 340.

1983 Volvo 340 L 1.4 from Belgium


Battery and ignition sparks failed this winter, I also had a big short circuit which blew away a lot of fuses.

General Comments:

I like this car, I have it for 1 year now and it has been down for just 2 days, It still goes 180 km/h and it is very fast in city traffic.

When taking turns in bad weather, the rear suspension requires good driving abilities.

It isn't the most beautiful car, but you don't loose a fortune when you have a collision.

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Review Date: 13th July, 1999

1983 Volvo 340 GL 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Gear knob parted company with lever when driving - loctite wasn't a cure.

Weber carburettor was very temperamental - starting very difficult when damp / engine would often cut out when cold / engine often would not respond for overtaking - required frequent carb flushing.

General Comments:

I bought the car at 42,000 miles, FSH, and 1 previous owner. I expected better reliability than what I got. And not the easiest car to drive - loads of roll, heavy steering, over-sensitive brakes, wallowy suspension, and plenty of blindspots. Seats and space were good though, and the general structure (not the trim) felt pretty bulletproof. This was not good enough for me, and I quickly sold the car.

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Review Date: 10th January, 1999