1991 Volvo 340 1.4 petrol 5 speed from UK and Ireland


If your looking for a very cheap car, look for a volvo 340, there great value for money


The battary has gone flat if not used over a period of time.

The exhaust pipe has come off because of bad roads.

The car also has a lot of rust on the bonnet, and boot, and is starting to rust around the wheel arches.

General Comments:

The car maybe 12 years old, and have 80,000 miles on the clock. But after reading about a 1978 volvo 343 that has 248,000 miles on the clock, I am going to try getting another 13 years out of the car because at the moment the car drives like new, only thing is, it has a thirsty engine, and heavy steering.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2003

21st Oct 2005, 08:17

Have had a hand me down 340 for two years - superb long distance cheap to run workhorse. Sluggish off junctions, and annoying fuel intake problems aside, drives the A470 Cardiff to Bangor with ease - especially having got mine slightly tuned (!). Very safe car to be in, not attractive or cool, but very retro; just goes on and on.

17th Dec 2006, 14:24

The 340 is a bit thirsty and bouncy. However it is a super motor with plenty of room for two and very comfy seats. It just goes on and on even though the body is rusting away. Solid, reliable and very very unfashionable!

26th Mar 2007, 10:06

For the last four years I´ve owned 2 340 GL´s...and boy were they fun.

Picture this: RWD, De-Dion rear suspension, gearbox mounted at the rear axle (50/50 weight distribution believe it or not) torquey engine - for an 1.4 that is - slim tires 175/14R (real comedy)... doesn´t impress at all... but if you add to this equation a wet ROUNDABOUT, please hold on to your seats!!!

This "box" slides beautifully... you can, if you dare, slide all the away around, full opposite lock, for as long as you wish. On gravel, rev it up (really hard) and you are always sideways. Scandinavian Flick, anyone?! Pure fun! The perfect car to learn to drive like a proper man - full opposite lock - Try it!!! Find some gravel roads, learn how to enter a corner the right way (when and how much brake), and keep on learning the car.

On tarmac, although, it's not that fast... until the first corner... it may lean like a 2CV, but will not loose grip if you keep on pushing smoothly... but you have to dare. It grips more than you can possible imagine. And please be realistic! It is not an Evo X!

The one who drives, is the one that corners in the wet, not the person that gives it all in a straight.