1988 Volvo 360 GLT 2.0i from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome... a great ride, in style


Nothing yet, but I'm thinking of replacing/cleaning the original air filter with a k&n.

General Comments:

What can I say? It's a great little car, goes like a rocket if you let it. Not much available power after 110km/h though, starts to shake, which is funny unless there's a Skyline sitting to your left waiting to be dragged.

Power steering, power windows, heated seats, radio, rear wheel drive, etc. It's also got the softest suspension you could imagine, leaning 30 degrees round corners.

Comfortable and fun to drive, pulls confident 'squealies' round corners if pushed in 2nd...

My first car, I inherited it from my grandparents, and I'm quickly learning that it's not a cheap car to run.

Has an 'image problem', meaning hopefully it won't get nicked, however I think it's the hottest car around. Just don't tell my mates...

There seems to be some sort of cult following, I wonder why? Could it have something to do with the superior style? The grunty-sounding engine which goes insane at 4000 revs? Or the way it leans outward round corners, making you feel like you're traveling at light speed instead of 50km/h? You decide.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2002

14th May 2004, 05:41

Hey thanks man, but I was exaggerating, 30 degrees would be a lot of lean... I've thought about replacing the shocks, but I've done quite a lot to it lately, new brakes, tires, a whole lot of servicing... so might leave it for a little while. Suspension is probably next on the cards, might get something racing-inclined haha. Leafspring power!

But thanks man, good to know Volvo owners are looking after each other. Because nobody else will :)

1988 Volvo 360 GLT 2.0 injection from UK and Ireland


Great bhp (115) and only group 9 insurance


Nothing yet, fingers crossed.

General Comments:

Lovely car, cheap insurance.

I have changed it a little with custom alloys, induction kit, twin exhaust and custom front bumper.

Lovely handling, very responsive though a little heavy on petrol.

The most comfortable seats ever invented in a car.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2001

1988 Volvo 360 GLi 2.0 injection from Germany


My 2nd (and probably not my last) Volvo 300 Series. A quick, reliable bargain


Easy to trace its history since the previous (elderly) owner kept pretty much every bill he ever received:

Four (!) silencers have been replaced since new.

The water pump went at 100T km.

Corroded fuel line at 185T km.

Other than that, it's been very reliable so far, but the engine started cutting out every now and then for no apparent reason, will replace the distributor cap over the weekend.

General Comments:

The typical wolf in sheep's clothing, it's great being able to out-drag those 1980's bespoilered BMW 316's on the autobahn. Fairly soggy suspension in the corners though.

Will cruise happily at 100 mph all day without using too much fuel, have had it up to 200kmh (125 mph) and that was at only 5500 RPM!

Insurance is surprisingly high (in Germany).

If you're not bothered about image (I quote one particular classic car mag in Germany: "it's image ranks just above that of a Lada") it's great.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2001

13th Apr 2001, 17:35

Try replacing the fuses for the electric fuel pump - I had a similar problem. Fuse holders situated by the battery.

4th May 2001, 09:44

Thanks for the advice! The cutting out problem was solved by replacing the distributor cap. Am now at 200T km and still going strong, but I'm having to treat rusty door sills caused by blocked-up drainage holes...

1988 Volvo 360 GLTi 2.0 petrol injection from UK and Ireland


Front brake flexi-hoses (twice).

Rear door rusting around window seal - metal not treated properly at production?

Speedometer erratic at low speeds.

General Comments:

Very reliable workhorse, and reasonably refined on motorway.

Performance only fair given engine size, and noisy when pushed.

Feels very dated now, but also feels safe and more like a larger car inside.

Very easy to drive, power steering light.

Doesn't get stolen because of the 'image problem!'

Cheap to insure and fuel economy OK.

Dealers and parts very expensive.

Reckon I'll skip the Renault-derived 400 series and go straight onto a V40 next time round.

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Review Date: 10th January, 1999

2nd Nov 2001, 00:02

I also own a 360 and it's a great all round car.

But I have realised that the speedo is a common problem. Mine doesn't work till I'm doing about 40kmh.