15th Oct 2003, 12:15

I LOVE my Volvo. It's an 89 740 Turbo wagon, and it's hauled everything I've needed from Oklahoma to Indiana to Texas to Ohio and back to Oklahoma. It's the best car in the world. You were right about the headliner though, it should have been replaced in about 98 when it started to go, but I didn't get around to it until this year. I may have this car forever, which is great considering it was a cheap buy when I got it in high school. My parents thought it was safe, and I dragged it against my friend's Probe and it won, so we agreed that it was the best car for me. It still is, 7 years later. Best car on earth, I swear.

16th Apr 2005, 09:34

I've had my 740 Turbo for the last 11 years. I've just had made a 16v 2.3L engine, and it is a real screamer! I also added posi-traction rear differential and a 3,500 RPM converter to the tranny. I tell you, this 4,000 lbs. rocket could make any Mustang or BMW to shame. It is still a work in progress since I am upgrading the interior. Otherwise I had it painted back in 2002. I definitely love it!!!

26th Mar 2006, 00:05

I love my 89 Turbo wagon too!! I have 190,000 miles and runs strong. Bought it from a friend that owned it 10 years. I owned 87 GLE (not turbo) for 3 years, had 245,000 miles and started 1st try every time. Got a deal on this Turbo, $400...first $400 car I have owned that will bury the speedometer.

19th Apr 2007, 19:48

LOL about burying the speedo... I've had my 88 Turbo wagon for just over 8 years, and I still love my car. It's been a workhorse and a pleasure craft, and it excels at both. I've been able to take a V8 mustang (2001) at a drag race, and that was fun. It was close, but I won. :) I've also stuffed it to the gills and moved across country twice, and once I pulled a 4,500 lb trailer from Colorado to California. Never quits, and is a blast to drive. Someone said "best car ever" earlier, and while it may be or may not be, it's definitely the best car value ever. It can do almost anything, and it's rather inexpensive anymore. All in all, a total winner. :)

24th Jun 2007, 18:36

I just bought a 1990 Volvo 740 Wagon 2.3, with 298,000 miles on it. It was only 400 dollars though the mileage makes me a little uneasy. I drove the car and was impressed at the power and lack of exhaust smoke it had. I researched it trying to talk myself out of it, but couldn't find any negative feedback. I'm not a Volvo guy, I'm an air cooled VW guy. The Bulgarian deisel mechanics were I work all drive Volvos, they told me that Volvo are like my VW's, they run forever. When I saw this one, it appears they're right. I'm getting ready to move 1000 miles north so I'm hoping for a few more miles out of it. I sold my last two VW's and know own the Volvo Wagon, so my brother tells me I'm a Volvo guy now.

25th Jun 2007, 08:27

Welcome to the Volvo world - you won't go back!!! Great cars, yours is just run in!

4th Jul 2007, 14:45

I have had my 1989 740 Turbo wagon for a little over a year now. Bought it with 200,000 and ran like it was brand new. I agree with the headliner comments should have mine replaced.