1985 Volvo 760 GLE B28 V6 f/i from Australia and New Zealand


A classy and superior car in its year


Blown water pump gasket happened after 600 KS of nonstop highway driving at 100- 140 km/h.

Blown head gasket happened after my second interstate trip, a 1400 KS round trip - due to speeding. I travelled at 130km/h for over 200 KS.

Alternator and battery replaced - but this one is standard behavior in all cars over 15 yrs old.

General Comments:

After having previously owned 2 used Toyota's, a used Holden (GM) and a used Ford and 2 used Hondas, I can say honestly this used Volvo felt the most solid and safest car I had owned.

This Volvo car was the most solid car I have owned. There is a safe feel in this car and it has a sturdy feel. This Volvo was one of the first cars to have safety bars in the side doors and impact hydraulics in the front bumpers in case of collision.

My 760 GLE has a sun roof, which is really handy for fresh air, and the electric windows and safety mirrors add to safer driving.

The heater and air con have been great, and the stereo still pumps out great sound after 24 years.

I have had regular services, which have kept this car in good condition, which is probably necessary for any car and make over 15 years old.

The worst thing about this car, is that it is expensive on fuel consumption.

Some people have opposite opinions on the body shape and design of the 760 GLE, but I think the design is quite classy.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2009

1985 Volvo 760 Turbo 2.3 turbo from North America


Best $1,100 I ever spent


Car was very slow when cold, added transmission fluid, shifts perfectly now.

Wouldn't idle under 1200 rpm, connected the throttle switch, 700 rpm idle now.

Heater blower motor makes lots of noise, needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

I wanted a reliable car for school. I found a Volvo on Craig's List for $1,100. It had a turbo and intercooler, leather, automatic climate control, sunroof, heated seats, heated mirrors. I bought it.

I've never owned a european car before so I didn't know what to expect. It's amazing. Feels really solid. Steering is not too boosted. The car rolls a lot in the corners, but still takes corners very well. 110 mph feels like 60 mph on straight lines. Don't know if it's the Volvo reputation, but I feel very safe driving the car. Seats are more firm than I'm used to, but comfortable. Gotta fix the seat heaters before next winter.

I get 22 mpg on average, premium fuel for the turbo. Great acceleration, much better than I expected from a 4000+ lb car with a four cylinder. The "Turbo" gauge is fun, if I stay in the black range I get better economy, yellow range is boost.

If you leave the headlights on and turn the car off, the headlights go off. Great feature, didn't know they did that back in the '80s.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

13th Jan 2007, 12:23

That thing with the headlights, they did that back in the 70:s. My Volvo 145 -73 has the same feature, very nice. My mothers late -88 Merc dosent have it :D.

1985 Volvo 760 GLE 2.8 V6 (no turbo) from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, grows on you (i.e. fall in love with) fuel econemy bad N.P. I just ride my motorbike more


Pulley wheel on a/c broke.

Dash cracked.

Blows smoke for a few seconds when started (valve seals)

Motor fully rebuilt 2 years ago (5400 in receipts) but has lots of small oil leaks.

General Comments:

Love this car, but so does the gas stations. Very bad fuel economy around town, especially when heavy on accelerator. Interior has not held up particularly well with the headboard sagging and plenty of cracks in trims.

Fantastic for long trips with much better fuel econemy and plenty of room. So far so good with reliability, and I have confidence in the car (unlike my previous 440 GLE).

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Review Date: 5th January, 2006