1988 Volvo 760 GLE regular non turbo from North America


An incredibly well running bargain


Interior worn.

Flange wore out at 150,000.

Minor seal leaks.

Seat motor blew at 160,000.

Driver side door lock broke 165,000.

E-brake rusted out 170,000.

General Comments:

Engine is perfect.

Cruises at 85 like most do at 55.

Extremely large trunk, and ample interior space.

Parts are a little more expensive than with domestic cars, and harder to find mechanics to work on it.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2003

1988 Volvo 760 GLE 23 turbo Intercooler from North America


Great Car!


Spark regulator failed at 160,000 miles.

Power driver seat motor at 160,000 miles.

Power sunroof motor failed at 155,000 miles.

A few minor seal leaks at 140,000 miles.

Leather seats cracked on front seats... the price you pay for those toasty heated front seats in winter.

General Comments:

Perform general maintenance and it runs and runs. Great car value for the $7,000 USD I paid in 1988.

I have put another $2,000 in repair and maintenance.

I am pleased with my total cost of ownership at $9,000 over six years!

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Review Date: 19th January, 2003

1988 Volvo 760 GLE Exclusive 2.8 V6 from Lithuania


Superb luxurious working horse


My front shock absorber gone bad. I had to change them, still it cost me total $105.

General Comments:

I like this car very much. It has got everything that a luxurious car should have: air - conditioning system, climate control, power - steering and much more. Parts for this car here in Lithuania are not of high price.

Put in a Gas system, so it is no longer expensive to run. 1 liter of gas here costs $ 0.25. My car eats approx. 14 liters of gas. Can you count how much money do I need to run 100 km? Surprised? It's cheaper than to run Ford Fiesta or other bags.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2002

9th Aug 2007, 18:59

I bought my 760 GLE in 1990,with only 22000 kms. The car is still going strong with 340000 kms. The best car I have ever owned, not one major problem. I live in Toronto Canada winters can be very nasty.

1988 Volvo 760 Turbo 2.3 turbo intercooler from UK and Ireland


A very serious secondhand buy at silly prices


My oil cooler for the transmission split at around 160,000.

A pipe related to the turbo split. Just cost £7 to repair.

Driver's seat has worn badly.

Eats front tyres and brake pads with a big appetite.

General Comments:

Very reliable car, never once stopped me from driving.

Started first time every morning.

Comfortable on long journeys.

Makes an excellent tow car and load lugger.

Superb family car that puts up with all the abuse that you can throw at it.

Will be sorely missed by all the family.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001