2006 Volvo 760 Turbo intercooler 2.3 liter turbo (b230ft) from North America


This is the fourth Volvo I've owned, and it will certainly not be the last


The car needs one of the exhaust manifold studs replaced, along with the gaskets. I bought the car with that issue present and known.

General Comments:

Build quality is superb for the car's age. After 17 years of exposure to harsh winter driving conditions (with road salt), the car has NO rust. The doors still close with a solid thunk, helping continue the feeling of a substantial car. It's as close to driving in a bank vault on wheels as you will find.

The interior is great, with exception of the headliner (a known issue on ALL 740 and 760 models). The seats provide excellent support, have great built in heaters, and ensure that you'll never tire after a day of heavy driving.

The drivetrain is the venerable b230ft, a variant of Volvo's rock solid red block motors. The turbo adds a generous amont of power, while not making as large an impact on fuel economy as you would expect. It's a simple motor that is also a non interference engine so if the timing belt snaps, there will be no worries about any engine damage.

The suspension is excellent. The tight steering radius found in all rear wheel drive Volvos ensure that the car is much more maneuverable than most cars, even smaller cars have trouble coming close. The ride is smooth and sure. It's very comfortable and composed, which makes living with it on a day to day basis easier.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2006

13th Jan 2007, 12:10

From -88b all Volvos that were made in Sweden got a full body galvanisation.

21st Dec 2007, 09:16

I bought my 760 turbo inter. for $1200.00. I fully expected that the car would be a money pit. Surprisingly, it is dependable, fast, and fuel efficient.

There seems to be a bit of a knock in the engine compartment, that sounds like a lifter not pressurizing. Sadly this is my first European car, and so my descriptions will be related to classic American muscle. Other than that knock and a couple of smaller malfunctions, the car is perfect. Even at 175,000 miles. it performs close to the ferocious original release.

I know the turbo is still working, but I'm concerned about actual longevity, as it seems to be the most expensive individual item to replace.

I stand by my judgement of "kick ass" car. Few American cars can maintain prestige, efficiency and quality while performing in muscle car runs. May I reiterate this is a hot rod/family car that gets plenty of looks even at 18 years old. I'd take nothing for it, and plan on making it the last petroleum based vehicle of my life. Next is electric.