12th May 2005, 06:13

My well-kept T5 engine with about 155K burned profuse amount of oil the last 30K. Up until then, great running, great accelerating/handling car. ABS went out at 48K, speedo quit at 134K (2nd Volvo to have that happen). Continuous high $$ repairs have forced me to sell this car that I loved to drive.

29th Aug 2005, 14:54

Yeah, 5 cylinders. But hey that's more than enough power anyway. Too bad that Volvo's made after '97 are taken over by Ford.

19th Oct 2005, 04:36

My 2d Volvo 850, The 1st. was a 1994 and had to repair the drivers door (hinges broke) Car had 40,000 kms. when I purchased it. Traded it at 98,000. It needed new cv's.

Purchased a demonstrator 850 SE 20 valves with 5,000 km's on the clock. Now have 170,000 and no major problems. Had to fix the drivers door also. Have had 2 accidents. one Kangaroo and someone hit us with our caravan attached. Police and emergency worker said anything, but a Volvo would have flipped. I was hit in the rear panel, driver side with the another car then sliding through the caravan totally demolishing it. His car was a write-off. We walked away no injuries, back on the road next week. Love Volvo's just get the driver's door right.

11th Mar 2006, 20:10

My father crashed his 740 by pulling out into oncoming traffic doing 100km/h, impact speed was at least 30km/h and was a perfect T bone job. He was up and walking the next day after being chopped out and flown by copter to the road trauma centre... was later told if it had been a holden or falcon he'd be dead. Considering all the wombats, kangaroo's and hoon drivers in Australia I think any Volvo would be cheap life insurance, these cars are built like tanks.

11th Jun 2006, 18:56

Owned a Silver 1997 850 TDi SE Estate for 3 years, currently 206,000 miles and drives like new. No rust at all, I have simply treated stone chips and waxed the car a couple of times year. It still looks very impressive and a far better car than my managers new dull company Mazdas and Nissans on the car park.

The drivers heated seat doesn't work despite having a recall to the Volvo dealer where they replaced the loom otherwise all the gadgets work perfectly and the velour type upholstery is perfect. Air con didn't work after a regas and had to have replacement sensors? It then worked perfectly.

I have paid for new bits of trim to keep it in good order, but with any car if you let the small trivial faults build up the result is a nasty old wreck.

David. Sutton Coldfield England.