28th Aug 2009, 02:19

Rough idle 6 cyl. 2.5 '96 960. Replaced the blown inlet manifold gasket and now it hunts at idle when cold only, and has no power past half throttle. Vacuum gauge reads "late valve timing", but everything is controlled by the ECU so don't know what to do next. Battery went dead flat while working on it if that helps? May be it just needs a relearn or something???

2nd Sep 2010, 18:15

Hi. I own two used Volvos, and I have owned four in my life, all preowned. And I can give any used Volvo car buyer, or any used car buyer for that matter, some advice that will save you much frustration and a lot of $.

Purchase a car that has rigorously maintained. Trust me. I have daily driving a 1982 Volvo 244GL for two years now with no problems. She was dealer serviced her whole life, however only has 163000 on it. I'm daily driving a 29 year old car! Born the same year as I!

And I recently bought a 96 960 with 290000 that runs like new. Seriously. I'm not a mechanic, but I do work for a Volvo dealer. We have a 87 240 with 950,000 on it that gets serviced on the reg.

I find it funny people don't mind paying huge amounts of $ for new car payments, but cry about having to maintain their older investment (for much less).

But my advice goes for any preowned make of car. Buy one that has been maintained. It's good advice, I promise.

PS- I worked at a Honda dealer from 2000 - 04, and it cracks me up. I thought it was amazing to see 200,000+ on a car. Hondas are good cars, but then my friend bought a Volvo 245 with 238000 for $500, and we drove it across the US. You gotta respect them swedish tanks! Adios.