1999 Volvo C70 HT Coupe 2.4 turbo from North America


I love this vehicle, would buy another Volvo


Wind noise drivers' side window.

When driving in rain conditions, I hear a popping/or thumping sound. Dealer states it's an inherent problem caused by the drainage system in the sunroof.

Ignition lock cylinder replaced at 87,039 miles.

ABS module needed replacement at 88,155 miles.

Coolant sensor needed replacement at 105,833 miles.

General Comments:

Smooth handling, great acceleration.

Great engine.

Comfortable vehicle.

Poor turn ratio.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2009

1999 Volvo C70 Coupe from North America


Expensive to buy and own, but if you have the bucks, it works well


Engine mechanics are doing well with nearly 100,000 miles on the car. For the price of these vehicles, they are not the car I would have purchased, other than the fact the C70 is such a great looking machine.

When purchase (used), I wisely chose to also include an extended warranty from front to back. I have numerous friends with Volvo's doing the post yuppie thing looking for the near 'beamer' experience, but experiencing as much time in the shop as out (Consumer Reports tells the story well).

Have had a number of electrical problems and the costs are exorbitant. Small switch for moving the co-pilot seat front to back broke and ran $900 for repair. My warranty people were really miffed. Small spring broke in the pilot seat attached to the same switch to move the seat forward/back and repair was estimated at $240. Bought a specialty spring at Home Depot for 99 cents and plugged that in. Working fine for the last 1.5+ year.

Whoever thought up the stupid cheap cup holders should be shot.

Steering wheel leather/plastic broke down and needed to cover it with a wheel cover.

The small plastic cover on the front bumper hiding the tow hook has fallen off so many times that I am lucky to have found it each time. Finally epoxied that sucker permanently into place.

Leather seats are in dire straits.

When it rains, traveling at 50 - 60 mph there is a thumping that sounds in the right side of the car. Can't tell if it in the sunroof or copilots door. Weird.

General Comments:

The crazy car is still a good looking machine.

Nearly 100K on the engine and it seriously hauls, and I run it on regular. New Dodge Charger pulls up and off we go. I shut down at just a little over 100 due to highway traffic and the guy is two lengths behind and keeps cranking to pass. I'm sure he's miffed too.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2009

18th Jan 2009, 14:14

I have been told by my service technician that the "thumping" sound you hear during rain conditions is attributed to an inherent defect in the sun roof's drainage system. I have lived with the noise for 8+ years.

10th Jul 2009, 12:27

I also own a 1999 C70, 144000 miles on it right now. I bought it used 4 years ago with 85000 miles on it for about $15000, not bad.

The major thing I had to replace was some EBS or can't remember the part (I am female), for like $900, not too bad. And a year or two ago, coolant was leaking on the carpet in the back and in the front, and that was like $2-3000, there were a few other things repaired too.

Otherwise it is one great car! I love it. It is one beautiful car. I get many compliments on it. I keep it really clean and wax it myself. It is a 99, but I've had some people telling me it looks like a 2003.

It has some annoying things to tolerate. The passenger visor is broken. Had to have my brother take out the little light bulb, because it was draining the car battery and had to replace the battery due to it.

My driver side seat is shot. I fixed it once and cost around $120 all for a stupid little spring. But how am I to know how to do it myself. It broke again, and I refuse to fix it again. Luckily it is stuck in an okay position for me to drive, but when I have more than 1 other passenger and they have to sit in the back, they have to go thru the other side and not the driver side.

The key got stuck in the ignition once, but I jammed it out... and luckily it has not happened since.

My top is coming apart a little. The leather seats, I use leather conditioner to prolong the life and they are still pretty good.

Sometimes I take my car to the dealer to have little things fixed and they tell me, my car looks great for the year and all. It probably is that I clean it real good every two weeks and wax it, use leather conditioner...

3rd Dec 2009, 04:27

"Whoever thought up the stupid cheap cup holders should be shot."

I agree with you about the 'cheap' look of the cup holders, but I also found them to be very handy on long drives

(i.e. from Holland -> Italy via the German Autobahn).