2002 Volvo C70 T 2.4 from UK and Ireland


Its worth more than what you pay!



General Comments:

I can't find fault with this car because I've had it for a few weeks so far and it handles like a dream and makes me feel invincible.

I read loads of reviews from owners before purchasing it. From the reviews, the bad comments have been, the electric front seats move way too slow for the back passengers, The sunroof is noisy when driving fast, poor after- service from the Volvo dealer and racketting noise within the car on rough roads.

To avoid these, I picked one with no sunroof, manual front seat slide, 17" (and not 19") wheels for smoother ride and no racketting noise and I will use a volvo specialist, not Dealer for after-Service, Cheaper Too.

The car is perfect for someone who wants a Classic car that gives you respect and The stares! Very roomy inside, its about the same size as my previous car, Ford Mondeo. Boot is smaller though but this isn't a Family car and ample for normal shopping. I still don't know when to change gears because I can't hear the engine. Changing gear is so smooth and simple. A bad bonus is... gear 3 can take you to 90!! :). So if you use gear 4 you are racing, gear 5 and u should be locked up for showing off and wasting the films on speed cameras and over indulging! :).

Its got good luxury with options of extras which I didn't opt for, less things will go wrong that way. It comes with the Cd player, Climate control and Cruise control, I'm happy. No need for seat warmer, staelite nav etc.

The car is not for Boy Racers. I actually drive slower and better now than my Mondeo. Its to do with knowing you have nothing to prove to anyone.

I was going to get a 406 Coupe but the interior put me off. A Merc or BMW is too conspicous for me. You will never regret it if you buy it second hand because you know you have a bargain. Take your time with the window shopping and If you can get 2.4 instead of the 2.0, go for it. The insurance is not much difference but the drive is!

If you want a cool powerful, sporty, luxurious, practical, very spacious, sexy looking car, its the C70!



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Review Date: 13th April, 2004

16th Feb 2006, 15:10

Good review, I agree. I have bought the C70 2.4 T and must say that it is by far the best car in it's class and you certainly get a lot of car for your money.

The drive is comfortable and performance is not too great in low gears, but on the motorways this car eats up the miles.

16th Sep 2009, 18:19

I totally agree with the above, they are great!! I bought a 2.4 T Convertible a few months ago, apart from the antenna ring, which causes the car not to start occasionally, which is easy solved by removing the key, and then putting it back in the ignition.

It's great, smooth, fast, good looking and so comfortable. It gets you noticed! Shame about the fuel consumption, but what do you expect with such a large and fast car.

14th Jun 2010, 05:02

I absolutely love my C70. It has the more powerful 2.3 turbo. I have the stick. The car is quite quick, I would've chipped it, but because it's a front wheel drive I decided not to.

I owned it for over 2 years, and every morning I walked to my car I still loved how the back looked. I didn't like the front end too much, but I changed the headlights to the projector beam, and replaced the light with HIDs. Now it's looking much better.

This is a very beautiful car and it does look expensive. Of course the surround sound system is great, but most of the time I like listening to the engine. The problem areas are mostly the hoses getting bad and loose, and the 3-CD changer could not play MP3. I already hooked it up to a cassette interface so it's OK for now.