2005 Volvo S40 2.4L L5 from North America


The VOLVO S40 is fine premium small car


Check engine light has come on a few times. The Dealer checked the fault and says the fuel cap is not on tight... Each time they clear the fault the fault reappears when the gas gauge dips below 1/2. The car is due for service now, so hopefully the problem is rectified. Otherwise, the cars is solid.

General Comments:

The car is well built, quiet, handles well, and I truly enjoy my daily commute. The car is comfortable and its easy to find the perfect driving position; fits like a glove kind of comfortable. The interior is quite nice, the front seats are great, and the flat panel centre stack is a work of art, but the rear quarters are a little cramped; trunk is a good size and shape. The in-line 5 cylinder is fairly smooth, performs adequately considering the car is fairly heavy, and has a nice exhaust note. I like the 5 speed manual and think it shifts well; critics think its notchy and stiff. The brakes are strong and stop the car quickly, pedal feel is good, and the ABS is not too intrusive.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

5th Jul 2006, 09:26

After about 3000km a warning light came on and a message that said "reduced engine power". The engine did not respond at all to the accelerator. After a restart it worked, took the car directly to a Volvo service, but they did not find or correct the problem. After 7 months and 20'000km the electronic lock for the ignition did not release when the key was inserted, so it was not possible to start. The problem was in the electronics that reads the chip in the key, and also the steering did not release after it got locked, so the whole thing had to be changed. After this the central locking stopped working. Most of the time the car would get locked, but every once in a while the passenger side remained open.

When the engine is warm and the car is idling rpms fluctuate between 500-1100 rpms. When accelerating on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear the acceleration becomes kind of "jumpy" and attenuates around 2600-2800 rpms.

Honda anyone?

8th Jul 2006, 10:09

I'm still happy with the car. But thanks for the heads up on the locking system. It has gone wonky on my wife a couple of times, never for me, but now I know where we're headed, and I'll try and stave off disaster when it goes in for the next service.


9th Feb 2007, 06:09

I have a 2005 S40 T5 that also had the "check engine" light problem (3 times in 6 weeks). On the last time, the dealer replaced the fuel pump and the problem has not reoccurred.