2006 Volvo S40 2.4L from North America


Windows rattle while driving over bumps (very annoying).

Key errors; the car doesn't start, you need to try a second or third time.

Air conditioning is faulty. 23-25 degrees Celsius blows cold air, have to turn it up to 28 degrees Celsius to feel warm air 80% of the time now. (even after I just brought it in for a repair)

Seat memory doesn't work, but the reclining and back/forward adjustments still do.

General Comments:

Losing faith in in the new electronic features of the new Volvos, but I still have faith in the safety and reliability.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2008

2006 Volvo S40 2.4 from North America


I wish this car worked as nice as it looks


Electrical/control problems.

Remote Key doesn't always work or doesn't work properly.

Drives door lock doesn't always work.

Power windows don't always work or work properly.

Temperature (comfort) controls don't always work.

Clicking feeling in brake pedal. More evident in rain.

General Comments:

Nice looking. Nice size. Easy to drive. Premium gas was a surprise. City and highway mileage vary significantly. Too many problems in only 6 months time.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2007

26th May 2007, 17:57

The electrical problems will soon be resolved with gold terminals through the {A} pillar connections.

15th Jul 2007, 08:03

That clicking feeling in the brakes, particularly in the rain is likely your ABS system. Nothing to worry about, it's suppose to do that.

2006 Volvo S40 1.8 from Greece


Excellent car for a reasonable amount of money


Nothing, except a small stepper motor for the AC system that was replaced promptly (1000Km)

General Comments:

Have driven in the past BMW, Mercedes and 4x4 pickups, so I had a good reference about the feeling and behaviour of a heavy car. So, Volvo S40 was a serious candidate before looking around for such a category car.

The feeling of the car is excellent, providing a driving pleasure both in everyday and longer trips. The S40 is nailed on the road for high speeds and close curves, while the very good suspension system eliminates any bumps and irregularities of the road. Have driving in the bad Greek roads, where the tar quality is the worst you can find and the road condition is most of the times suitable for 4x4 cars, S40 provides an extra assurance for safe driving. Recently, I had to avoid a dog appearing 3 meters away from my car, while driving with 70Km/h, and the response of the car was excellent, staying in lane without other problems.

The fuel consumption is a bit high (9Lt/100Km) but this refers more to traffic jam situations and the car is still brand new. Furthermore, the engine is vibrant and elastic, providing high torque and power when that is needed.

I would definitely go for S40 again, since you get an excellent car of high quality and safety features (the same or even better than a BMW or Mercedes) paying a much lower price.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2006

2006 Volvo S40 T5 AWD 2.5 L5 turbo from North America


Comfortable, handles well, flys under the radar since it is kind of 'bland' looking


Nothing yet. So far, so good.

General Comments:

Very comfortable seats. Have owned BMW's, Audi's and Volvo's. Always found Volvo's the most comfortable.

Reasonably fast, the AWD helps hold the torque steer to a minimum.

Premium sound is very good.

Bought the Barents Blue colour (dark grey/blue). Does not seem to get noticed by police or others.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2006

25th Oct 2006, 01:33

Congratulations with your new car! The T5 AWD is a fabulous car, considered buying one, but thought they are to pricey. It's got to be the AWD other vise the nose will be all over the road, simply too much power for a FWD. Had the old S40, and the new one is light-years ahead. The low-end S40's were not an option since they are basically a dressed up and totally overpriced Ford Focus II sedan. Meaning all 4-cyl S40 models, but don't think any of these are sold in the US. It is only the 5-cyl models that continues the true Volvo heritage.