S40 T5 2.4L petrol

Nearly there, but not quite

204 words, Australia and New Zealand, 2 comments

S40 S 1.6 petrol

Brilliant small executive saloon

449 words, UK and Ireland, 24 comments

S40 SE 1.6 diesel

Good car, but pity about the 1.6 diesel engine

135 words, UK and Ireland

S40 Summum 1.8lt petrol

Quality - handling - comfort - safety!!!

456 words, Greece

S40 2.4I 2.4I

It's a volvo safety first

93 words, North America

S40 2.4i 2.4 non-turbo

Can't see, brake or steer, but nice styling!

164 words, North America, 1 comment