13th Nov 2005, 11:32

You have a 330Ci and yet you're reading reviews on S40's...nice! Would you like some milk with your cookies, Father Christmas?

P.S. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 5000 pounds sounds like a slight exaggeration to me. Nice try yourself though. :)

12th Dec 2005, 18:45

Had a civic type r-rubbish, what a guttless bag of nails.t4 is lot quicker on normal roads, OK poss not on race track.

14th Jan 2006, 12:27

Not sure I could agree with this BMW thing going on. Any S40 T4 could beat a 316/318/320/323 and many 325s. As for putting turbo's on cars, anyone can do that, but then of course the S40 can too be uprated to a very high spec, which I'm sure would "wipe the floor" with a BMW.

We're talking standard cars here, and the fact is, the S40 is pretty rapid compared to most other similarly-priced cars ESPECIALLY BMWs. I have an uprated 460T which can keep up with a 330Ci to about 80-90mph, and it's a 1.7 and also FWD. So like I said, anyone can uprate a car, but as standards go, the S40 T4 is definitely pretty good.


10th Aug 2006, 17:10

Yes, yes, yes. I just bought a used (but still with 5 years warranty) 2004 - 4dr Sedan LSE A SR (1.9 turbo engine), and I am very happy with it.

It is good looks / styling, very luxurious, great on gas while still putting out respectable performance. I have beat A4s, Mini Cooper S, Pontiac G6, and some Bimmers too.

I think the great performance is due to the good horsepower (170) / torque (177) to weight (2,767 lbs) ratio. It is a very light and nimble Volvo.

Volvo is doing things right, no wonder their stock is going sky high too.

I can't wait to upgrade in a few years to a newer 200+ turbo version with a Geartronic transmission.

11th Dec 2006, 20:30

Why on earth is a Volvo S40, in any guise, being compared to a 3 series BMW? This Volvo is drab looking, has had 'iffy' build quility and, let's not forget, that its sister car is the Mitsubishi Carisma - hardly star pedigree. The Volvo S60 would provide a more valid 3series comparison.

15th Dec 2006, 08:07

I have had S40 T4 1998 manual (200 bhp) for over a year and it's been good times.

At first I was pretty sceptical, I was considering of buying Alfa Romeo 156 V6, BMW 528i or 535, Saab...

But now, I believe this car is a keeper.

I have had zero breakdowns. I have found many new friends who have just being astonished by this car's performance.

Oh yes, almost forgot to mention, this car isn't no longer in stock condition. After 2 months I found out superb forum and started tuning.

So, now it's been dynoed @280 fwhp. Of course that took me buying new turbocharger (16T from C70), LSD, Autotech IC, 2,5 inch full exhaust from DP to muffler, no cat, custom ecu tuning, etc. And the mods are not final. Can't get enough.

And previously pretty quick car is now damn quick one.

Last quarter mile figures were 13,4 and 0-62 5,7 sec. Traction is the greatest problem.

Anyway, the car despite being FWD is a lot of fun.

I wouldn't compare it with BMW. It's very different car. But I can kill M3s all day long :)

1st Jan 2007, 17:02

My wife has a 2000 Volvo s40. She bought it before we started dating. The car has been nothing, but problems. Constant trips to the dealer for repairs. The fact that someone is comparing this s40 to a somewhat modern BMW 3 series makes me laugh. I have owned a 96 328i and I now own a supercharged 95 M3. Both cars were faster than the s40, the M3, when it was stock beat the pants off the s40. The build quality of the BMW is far superior. It's not even a competition. Now, the turbo on the s40 is going. Great fun! Swedish POS!

28th Mar 2007, 16:15

I own a Volvo s40 LSE, and it has been great. Yeah it's true there's no way I could keep up with a BMW 330I, but I am planing on upgrading the engine soon.I'm in college and this car is perfect for college students.

4th Apr 2007, 05:58

I am the proud owner of a 2000 volvo s40 turbo and am excited to add upgrades what should I start with?

11th Apr 2007, 07:08

Incidentally, Volvo is owned by Ford. Mitsubishi still owns the majority of its company. So whoever thinks that an S40 is the sister to a Mitsubishi Carisma doesn't really know all that much.. So don't listen to their reviews for a start.

And everyones comments that say an S40 can't be compared to a 3 Series -- All the professional reviewers like Parkers and What car etc seem to think so, But hey, they only test a few thousand cars a year -- what do they know?!

2nd May 2007, 07:08

No way does a S40 feel Japanese! It hasn't got a crap feel to the dash and materials for a start! You could compare to BMW, etc - but try comparing like for like with price! The S40, especially the 2.0T or T4, is a bargain! Fantastic car for the money.

2nd May 2007, 07:22

I own a 2000 volvo s40 and have boosted the turbo from the lower pressure 7psi to 15. This car went from being quick to just plain fast. Launching the automatic car isn't the most fun, but it's a hell of a ride anyways.

25th Aug 2007, 12:12

I have a 2000 S40 "R" that is not a POS. It performs best @ 3500+ RPM and dodging slow poke BMW's, MB's and whatever else gets in my way. I am proud to be an owner of this special sleeper and as far as I am concerned, keep your POS cars and I will keep strolling down the road. With you in my mirror.

26th Aug 2007, 03:53

To 11. Dec. 2006 commenter:

S40 is the closest competition to BMW of its time. S60 is bigger than 3-series, it feels more like a comparison to a 5-series.

Anyways, Volvo's and BMW's are completely different cars, so any comparison is not in place. I owned a BMW, which spent more time in the shop than on the road, and I loved it. Mostly because it was RWD.

I'm currently on my fifth Volvo (V70R AWD), and it is the greatest car. I hate the damn turning circle, otherwise it's great. And that's the car, that can compete with an M3 any day. And beat it. (Note: mine is no longer stock, due to custom ECU tuning it now gets about 360HP)

28th Aug 2007, 22:52

I'm buying a the 2000 S40 tomorrow and I'm so excited...I'm going from a 2000 SE Ford Taurus to a S40...You talk about having problems with a car, then buy a Taurus and youll truly understand the true meaning of having problems... Ill let you guys know when I pick it...YEEEESSSS!!!

9th Feb 2008, 12:20

I just purchased a 2000 Volvo S40 with 75k on it. Compared to any American or Japanese car I've ever driven, this is by far outclassing anything on the roads. I don't know what to make of other cars, but since I see more Volvos being sold with 1xx,000 miles on them than any beamers or mercs, I think I made the right choice.

As for upgrades, I already have these in the mail:

- New BOV

- Cold air intake

- HID light conversion

- Boost gauge

27th Feb 2008, 12:41

I just bought a 2000 s40. I have a 2003 M3, and a 04 sti all stock and the s40 just destroys my M3 and the sti, in a strait line at least. The guy I bought it from said he has done no tuning, but I'm now finding that hard to belive, but I can't seem to find anything that looks or acts after market. If anyone knows what to look for or even has an idea please let me know. thanks.

10th Mar 2009, 20:03

Actually the Volvo S40 IS basically a mixture of Volvo/Dutch/Japanese engineering.

They were built in the Nedcar factory which is in Holland, where the Mitsubishi Carisma was also manufactured, not Sweden, secondly the diesel engines (GDi) are Mitsubishi platform, as are some of the petrol units. The T4 however is a T5 engine minus a cylinder, 4 valves and a 12t (LPT) or 14t (HPT found in the T4) turbocharger.

Those of you who think the S40 isn't Japanese at all are in denial or just plain mis informed. I will enlighten you:-

1. The S40 is built on the Mitsubishi Carisma platform, which is why the rear strut brace of an Mitsubishi Evo 3 is a direct fit.

2. The front brake setup from an Evo 3 (twin piston calipers and 278mm discs is also a direct fit and an upgrade.

3. The aftermarket polyurethane bushes from a Mitsubishi FTO also fit.

4. The S40 uses the Mitsubishi GDI petrol engine and the diesel engine from Mitsubishi.

12th Mar 2009, 13:31

Apart from the fact that the GDi engine is actually petrol and the diesel engine is from a Renault. The S40 changed in 2004, and was from there on a Volvo product with no input from Mitsubishi.