2nd Aug 2007, 14:05

I hate to break it to you, but for $89 to clean your throttle body they simply sprayed aerosol can of throttle body cleaner in it. Takes 5 minutes and the can costs a few dollars.

2nd Aug 2007, 14:15

Volvo switched to an environmentally-friendly glue in the 90's. It's true it is not as effective as a glue and stupid problems arise like the one you mentioned, which is incredibly common on the S70/V70. Calling environmentalists "wackos" because they are aware of our environmental problem is going too far though. God forbid we treat our environment like we actually appreciate it and want to keep it around for the future.

19th Nov 2007, 09:35

You only had one major problem, and it was a first dealer's fault.

Oh, avoid Volvo dealers, find a good independent mechanic. You will have a lot of money left, and much less problems (It seems to me, that Volvo dealers break down your car instead of repairing or maintain it).

11th Apr 2009, 09:40

1998 S70 T5 190K, bought used, runs like a scalded dog and gets 27 MPG. The best thing about Volvo is this; you can pretty much do all of the maintenance and repair yourself. There has never been a more user friendly European auto manufacturer than Volvo, and the vast majority of Volvo's run for next to forever if maintained properly. I would recommend Volvo to anyone seeking superior value.

29th Oct 2009, 22:55

Hi there,

Every manufacturer puts out a "Monday" car. In the old days people would ask for a "Wednesday" car. I like Volvo. I bought my son a V70 wagon and my daughter has a S70 sedan. She is the envy of all her friends, so much so, she has the biggest petrol bill! I have had a 240 GL wagon from new, 21 years ago, that has done over 600,000 km's and my wife has a 21 year old sedan 400 km's. They will both be put out to that place in heaven that trusty old friends go to.

I am looking at a S70 T5 for my wife. The thing to watch out for in the Volvo T5's, unless you have had one from new, is how the previous owner drove the car. The real problem is that the Turbo is too good for the transmission. But, if you don't "Hoon" the car it should have no issues. One final comment about servicing. There are good dealers who do not charge as much as other good dealers. Also, there are mechanics out there who would service your car as if it's a piece of Japanese Crap.

Have a good day.