17th Nov 2006, 12:07

I have a 1999 S70 T5, I traded my 2001 Nissan Xterra for it when the gas prices went sky-high, and I absolutely love it. Although I realize more so now than then that my gas-mileage really wouldn't be that much better, I'm very happy with the trade. I really haven't had many problems that I wouldn't expect from a Volvo. Sometimes the brake light flickers when going over bumps, but it turned out that I had a faulty brake switch down by the pedal, and didn't cost TOO much to fix (by Volvo standards of course). I was side-swiped a little while ago, and it cost me what seemed like a ridiculous amount to get a dent in the fender fixed and re-painted, but that probably had more to do with the body shop than the car (the other guy had to pay for it anyway...)

In general, this car is fast enough to be fun to drive, but also safe enough for my father to feel comfortable with my lead-footedness. If you floor the car from a dead stop, the torque-steer can be a little bit unnerving, but it's probably better just not to treat it with so little dignity, it's a Volvo, not a race car.

5th Dec 2006, 19:13

Thanks for taking the time to write a really excellent review of this great car. I own three S70 T5s (two 98's and a 99) and all of them are rare 5-speeds. The first one I bought new in 97 and the other two I bought used this year. The one I purchased new has had absolutely no problems in the 9 years I've owned it. In fact my oldest son loves this car so much that I gave it to him when he graduated from college.

I couldn't be without an S70 to drive so I bought two more. The 99 is a modified car making just under 300 HP. Lots of fun to drive. The 2nd 98 is stock and is my new daily driver.

The S70 is the ultimate expression of the classic Volvo style and I plan on keeping these cars for many years to come (the styling of the S60/S80 does nothing for me). I highly recommend S70s and 850s to anyone looking for a quality used car.

26th Jan 2007, 06:57

Rear Tail Light problems on S 70.

I own a 2000 Volvo S70 and the tail lights are constantly going out.

Part of the problem seems to be the design, locating a set of the tail lights in the trunk hood -- it doesn't seem to take much in closing the trunk to cause the bulb filaments to break.

Poor design.

Steve Katz.

27th Jan 2007, 02:05

It may be a poor design in locating the bulbs in the boot lid. However, well done Volvo for putting 4 bulbs along the back, so that if one burns out - you are still lit on that side!!! Safety is thought about!!!

28th Sep 2007, 03:01

I just bought an S70 T5 for about $5700 and it is in perfect condition. No problems so far and you guys are right it looks great and is a beautiful ride. However, I am having issues with the pro logic stereo system. Seems that the center speaker and the driver side speakers do not work... so the sound mainly comes from the rear and right side of the vehicle... is this normal? I am thinking about replacing the speakers, but I worry that, since it is a delicate Volvo, the local audio store will mess it up. Any thoughts on this?

29th Sep 2007, 04:08

Take the radio out of the dash, turn it on, and take a voltmeter and check the signal on every output. If the signal is good, take off the speaker covers, take speakers out and adjust/connect wires back on the speaker. Do the same thing with a center speaker.

There is possibility, that wires are loose on a radio, not on the speakers. Check that first.

Of course, there is small possibility, that the speakers are overheated.

5th Oct 2007, 12:45

I have a white 1999 S70 T-5 with 86,000 miles with the Pro-Logic Stereo speaker in the middle of the dash. The dash is cracked in several places where it meets the windshield- (the hard plastic, not the padded part). The dealer wants $2000.00 to replace it-- (obviously, that's not going to happen). Does anyone know of a 'fix/repair' for this or does anyone know if anyone makes a 'Dash-cap/Cover'? Any help is appreciated as I love the car, but this is really an eyesore.

6th Oct 2007, 07:58

That's too expensive. Try to find s70 or v70, that was involved in an accident, and owner wants to sell it for parts. You should get a complete dashboard for about $200 at the most.

10th Oct 2007, 08:42

I have a 1998 S70 and the inside brake light on passenger side is out. It wasn't the bulb so I replaced the holder itself which didn't fix the problem. All wiring looks good from brake pedal back. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be??

14th Oct 2007, 05:30

Great review.

These are great cars, no doubt about that. But seems that Volvo dealers are same irresponsible idiots all over the world, at least in Europe and USA. Find a good trustworthy mechanic and stay away from the dealers. You will have a whole lot less trouble with the car.

8th Aug 2008, 09:34

I purchased my 1998 Volvo S70 in Oct. 2007 and couldn't be happier. It had 79,00 miles on it and was in immaculate condition. I previously had a 2004 VW Passat which gave me nothing but headaches. It is excellent on gas and rides like a dream. I looked at some newer models but love the classic look of the S70. Great trunk room, and all of the bells & whistles.

The only complaint is the door locks are temperamental --- sometimes they open with the key fob, sometimes don't. I also use more than usual amount of interior and brake lights. The only repair was to fix the exhaust $125, and just recently a hose to the a/c and dryer component $570. (The dealer wanted $750 right off the bat then hemmed & hawed about doing it for less. Brought it to my own mechanic and felt much better about it.)

I would certainly buy another Volvo again. It's a classic timeless auto.

My only advice is to get it checked out by your mechanic before hand (which I did) and bring it to him/her for repair.

Try and stay away from the dealer.

12th Mar 2010, 19:47

I have a 98 S70. The upper right tail light on the passenger side burned out. I cannot figure out how to replace the bulb in the bulb assembly, which is in the trunk lid. There is a plastic covering over the place where a bulb should fit through, which is blocking it. How can this be fixed?

19th Mar 2011, 22:37

S/V 70 Volvos require REGULAR oil & filter changes, and once a year coolant flush and renew (Volvo basics) really for any car.

You will need to do a wheel rotation regularly to avoid the FWD wear issues, select a good quality all-round tyre for the car, either V or H rating is OK.

Do leather conditioning at least once a year, and wax with Volvo wax if possible once a year, or more if required.

Do not "slam down" the boot lid, as this will cause the bulbs to break. You should be able to close the boot fairly lightly, as they were designed to do so.

When accelerating away, it's better to use straight line as the torque effect of the FWD can take you by surprise if not trained in this principle. Always remember where your drive is coming from; FWD vehicles "pull" you along, RWD "push" you along, so corner and take off always with this in mind.

Volvos were designed with safety, reliability and quality in mind, and built the best they could be for the price being asked when new.

Find a mechanic that is familiar with these vehicles, as inattention to detail during servicing and fault diagnosis will cost you dearly.

Enjoy these cars for what they are, and treat them with respect, as a lot has gone into the design and production, which is often overlooked by car owners.

244, 240, 740, S70 owner.