1999 Volvo S80 2.0 turbo 5 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Lovely, but so so unreliable. BEWARE


To be honest, I cannot remember. Well, I can, it's just there were so many things that went wrong.

We only covered 5,000km over a year because it was always going wrong. (we usually covered 25,000).

Things included engine mount, ABS braking system, Air Flow sensors, oxygen sensors, door locks (at $600 per unit!!!), Cruise control, fuel sensor (or something like that), transmission, (and the thing that controls the idle revving), accelerator control module... the list continues.

Thankfully we bought this car to replace our spare car (a Saab 900s, which my sister kindly put through a fence), as we would have been completely stuck if this was our main car. We spend about $8,000 USD on repairs over an 8 month period (that is not a joke!).

Oh, we also had light bulbs blowing all the time, and the CD player was also faulty.

Some of the faults, like the ABS and Airflow, needed replacing on more than one occasion.

General Comments:

The car was smooth and elegant. The 2.0 litre turbo could get up and go if pushed, but was nicer driving at highway speeds.

Had very good safety features, and had a lovely design. Of course, this was worth nothing when it was continually needing thousands of dollars of repairs, or when the accelerator module would fail at intersections; it would stop accelerating and do a sort of bunny hop - a brilliant party trick it liked doing when performing a quick maneuver in front of a truck!

Please just take my advice, and be extremely careful when buying this car.

Admittedly, the car was a Singapore import, so who knows what it had been through? I've heard the NZ New ones are better, (i.e not imported), but seriously don't believe it's worth it. Stay clear.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2008

1999 Volvo S80 T6 2.8 twin turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Having owned 2 previous Volvo's a 244GLT and 16v twin cam 740GLE, I am very disappointed with the S80. Luckily for me I purchased a warranty with the car.

The front shocks and mounts collapsed suddenly at 85,000 and bottomed out on minor bumps.

The ABS was repaired at 90,000km as DSTC light kept coming on.

The air mass flow meter failed on motorway at 8.14am one morning, stranding me at around 90,000km.

The brake booster was removed and sent away for repair at around 92,000km as DSTC light came on all time.

Transmission stuck in 3rd and transmission failure light on, transmission fully overhauled around 95,000km.

Alternator overhauled around 95,000km.

Sensor on brake pedal replaced at around 99,000km.

Throttle body replaced around 105,000km.

Steering rack repaired around 106,000km.

ABS module sent away again for overhaul at around 112,000km.

Engine strut brace between towers replace as mount shot, around 112,000km.

Oxygen sensor replaced around 115,000km.

Endless faults coming up on display panel.

Car still is not smooth in morning lurches until warm.

Luckily majority has been paid by insurance co, they have spent over NZ$14,000 to date. I wonder when it will end. Not sure if I will ever purchase another Volvo. Dealer says are usually good, but when I read problems from USA etc I worry.

Car gos really well, rides and suits me fine, and on trips is very economical.

Having owned many Nissan's (1200, 180Bs, 240Cs, 260Cs, 3 bluebirds and Nissan van) and 1 Toyota Camry V6, I wonder sometimes if I can trust it to get me home, as I have never had a car let me down before, and this has done it twice.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2008

1999 Volvo S80 SE 2.9 from UK and Ireland


Snug, stylish and individualistic


ABS unit broke, costly to fix. The emissions warning light came on a couple of times recently, which I guess may be the ETM problem?

There was an oil leak once which drained the engine almost dry. Fixed and been OK since.

Generally reliable, but the odd expensive problem does crop up sometimes.

General Comments:

Very comfortable and doesn't ever leave me stranded...yet!

Lots of gadgets to play with and plenty of room for all the family.

Only real issue is poor fuel economy. Low 20s is normal around town. Then again, the performance and smooth 6 cylinder engine note more than makes up for it!

Had a couple of knocks on the car, it's just so big and easy to bounce off things...

Medium wave radio reception is sometimes poor and the sat nav doesn't seem to like post codes?

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2008