16th Apr 2001, 17:26

I too have had nothing but problems with this car. Radio failure. Front end was serviced more then 3 times. Struts arms replaced. The side windows that were security windows I couldn't focus looking through them. Even the regional service rep had to agree. Replaced all the side windows. Talked to the Nader people they said be careful of windows that can't be broken if you are in a accident they can't break windows to get you out. Steering still doesn't feel right when I turn hard all the way. When I get out of this car I'm never going to buy another Volvo.

7th Jun 2001, 14:46

This model is a hot topic with many disatisifed drivers. However, I am not one of them. I have had the car a year, and though I am not a mileage hound, I do put this car to the test on a regular basis. I am not only satisfied, but actually enjoy the car and will be looking for other Volvo offerings when this lease is up. In fact, I chose this car over a Lexus GS 400 because of the interior room and I have not regretted the choice. Again, this is after a year of regular use.

2nd Nov 2001, 15:01

I do not understand this... My S80 is perfect, no major problem, and it runs about 500km daily. I know that people always get angry when something goes wrong with their cars, but please don't say that Volvo has no quality. I have already purchased many cars (Japanese, German, Italian, Swedish), and I really trust Volvo in all levels, except the service costs. Volvos are great cars.

24th Nov 2001, 10:53

At two years and 62K miles, my S80 is starting on it's third transmission. In over thirty years of driving and dozens of cars, I've never had a transmission failure until I bought my S-80.

The car is deteriorating rapidly in so many areas that just shouldn't happen to a car in this price class. The side window scrape moldings have oxidized and turned grey and cracked. Corrugated conduit covering all of the wiring harness underhood has hardened, cracked, and turned to powder with remnants remaining clinging to the wiring. Shut the front door and the dome lamp housing falls off in your lap. Pull out the seat belt and the surround molding from the B-pillar comes off following the seat belt. I just can't seem to replace the parts fast enough, and by the way they aren't inexpensive.

If you value time spent in dealership service departments, this car is your ticket with destiny.

It is now clear for me to understand why this car has such poor resale value.

21st Jan 2002, 20:33

1999 Volvo T6 owner - This is my first Volvo and my last. I have roughly 7 months left on my lease and I am hoping to avoid putting more money in this car. I have 59K miles on it, and I have a significant transmission leak - I've been told by a reputable independent Volvo mechanic that the part is $650 to stop the leak (a viscous coupler). The front suspension has been noisy and the dealer did nothing to repair it. My own mechanic found a broken strut support and replaced it. This car burns through light bulbs, rattles, has a transmission leak, had a turbo oil leak which I had repaired and is a genuine pain in the rear end. This car, unfortunately, is the worst car I've ever owned and it continues to nit-pick me with problems big and small.

21st Sep 2002, 10:48

My 1999 S80T6 has 42000 miles on it and while I have not had too many of the problems described in reviews, I am convinced that the quality has been variable on the first years models of the S80. I am also convinced that many owners do not maintain the car as they should, inspect oil and fluid levels at a regular interval. No reason to drive to a dealer because the steering fluid goes low after some years, just check and fill it up. That the lousy gas quality show up on the emission system warning now and then has just helped me identify the best gas quality brand. So Apart from recalls and regular services, I think my biggest issue are all the squeaking and rattling noises in the cabin that quickly surfaced after the first year. However, that seems to be a Volvo Trademark.

31st Oct 2002, 16:53

My 2000 S8 T6 is my first and last Volvo. I'm sorely disappointed in the reliabilty of the vehicle. The dealer's in the process of replacing both my transmission and radiator as I type. The front right suspension system has been completely replaced as well. As if that weren't enough for a car with less than 36k miles on it, I've had over 20 'fault codes' requiring 10-15 dealership visits in the past 2 years. The dealership fixes the problems by 'upgrading the software and applying patches.' Did I buy a car or Microsoft Windows? The car has always had a rough idle and has even stalled on occasion. Never again.

12th Feb 2003, 15:57

We have had many Volvos, but our first major problems occurred on the day that we brought home our 1998 V70 R; the gas tank had a hole in it and leaked! Once it was replaced (two weeks and a loaner car later), we had all kinds of strange sounds from the back. We think that the replacement was not done well. Not to mention the fact that the rear hatch would never latch properly (a real safety feature), especially when your small children are worried that their possessions in the back will fall out!We agree; Volvo does not care! My husband vows that he will not buy another Volvo. It really bothers us that they make all kinds of noises within the compartment. I do really love my 1997 850 T5 (except for the strange noises it began to make yesterday when I turn the steering wheel at very low speeds.) I have almost 100,000 miles and am very thrilled about that. Dealer servicing has cost a pretty penny. I am still waiting for the dealer to return my voicemail question about this noise.

27th Mar 2003, 14:00

I drove a Honda for many years and never had I had so many computer and fault codes issues. I now own my first Volvo T6 S80. This automobile has such an appealing look that you have to step into ONE.. "where do I sign?" Even better than the BMW. Oh, but watch out; never judge a book by its cover. The year 1999 and miles are 70K. You name it, one fault code after another. Including the famous "Filler-Cap code." What kind of car is this..? Is this a set-up for us poor souls who really can't afford what we really want? Or is it just a group of very angry engineers who get off on designing junk. NEVER AGAIN.


26th Jun 2003, 17:42

2000 S80 Turbo, 56K miles.

Have always had excellent service on this car. First S80 continually stalled out and the dealership took it back immediately. Supposedly had an "old computer" on board. New S80 has recently had numerous warnings of high engine temp. Dealer checked it each time and said it was "nothing - just very sensitive sensors. But bring it right back if it occurs again." Now tells us that this is a problem with the engine / radiator fan and that it is something that Volvo recalled the 1999 S80s for. However, even though they are seeing the same problem with the 2000 S80, they are denying that it is a systemic problem and refusing to recall these cars. Additionally, the dealership (which is really trying to work with us) says that the parts may take up to 5 weeks to get in.

My family (wife and 2 daughters) are alive today because of our 960 that was crushed by a large truck - they walked away without a scratch. But this potential mechanical nightmare will definitely make me look at comparable cars of other companies in the future.

Jerome Myers, Olympia, WA.