23rd Sep 2007, 10:26

Almost everyone in the Volvo community knows at this point, that the S80's introductory year was 1999. With the new model and driveling layout came problems that weren't expected.

Thankfully most post 02 Volvo S80's are far better than those earlier models. Unfortunately for those who purchased the later S80's new, that they will suffer steep depreciation when they decide to sell, but will benefit those who can appreciate the savings purchasing a used Volvo can bring.

26th Jan 2008, 22:14

Your assumption that a bad S80 is an anomalous situation is not borne out by the well documented record of dreadful reliability this car has amassed. That you have had a reliable example is what is truly amazing.

Buy another Volvo? The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing more than once and expecting a different result. I finally unloaded my S80 on an unsuspecting Toyota dealer who desperately tried to unload it for eleven months with no success. I replaced it with a new Toyota that now has over 60K miles and I haven't been back to the dealer yet. Now that's a luxury car!

28th Jan 2008, 06:52

The Toyota should be reliable - apparently none ever break down - but you do not get the same level of comfort or SAFETY, etc as you do with the Volvo. The early S80's do have a reliability problem, but not later ones or indeed, most of the rest of the range. It's interesting that you obviously do not value you or you families life very much as I have never seen a Toyota top a safety league (or even come close) - I obviously care more!

2nd May 2008, 16:49

I am currently trying to fix computer problems with my girlfriends '99 S80. Not a month has gone by when there hasn't been a problem with the car. "Volvo are safe", I am told. Makes sense, because they rarely are on the road, always in the shop. I tried to get her to buy a Honda or Toyota, but she cared more about looks than quality. But now with the problems mounting, she will finally allow me to pick out a Honda or Toyota for her. The headache is getting better.

24th Mar 2009, 02:00

The front right hand wheel and brake assembly complete folded back under the guard on my S80. This occurred without any warning whatsoever, and resulted in the axle and other suspension components being severely damaged. The front guard was damaged badly as the car slid to a halt with the wheel at 90 degrees to the normal.

The car had only one week prior been fitted with a new brake booster by the local dealer, and had been given a clean bill of health on suspension components. It was noted at the time that some bushes had slight wear, but were serviceable. These bushes had held up fine during the incident.

Upon inspection, the top ball joint had sheared completely, but had minimal wear. This occurred on a smooth road while traveling in a straight line at approx 55 ks.

The car has never been in any accident previously, and has always traveled on good roads. Imagine the potential if this had occurred on a freeway.