20th Jan 2009, 08:30

OR here again.

Latest update at 41k miles. Still have the S80, values have fallen so sharply in the last 6 months I can't really consider getting rid just now.

Besides, it's still growing on me and has so far proved reliable. The only exception to this is the climate system is blowing slightly colder air through the passenger side. Setting the passenger side to 25 degrees appears to produce the same warmth of air as the drivers side at 22 degrees.

After cleaning the fan and thermocouple the system improved slightly, but is still not quite right.

Other that that, I'm still happy with the car. Every time I look at the alternatives they're never quite good enough somehow. If only the handling of the S80 was better and I had one of the newer D5 engines, I can't imagine I'd ever want to change it.

Most of all, I still love the stereo, which is just perfect for my needs when coupled with the iMIV iPOD integration. Even the latest luxury motors have quite poor integration for iPODs or very small built-in hard disks. Until you can get 50+ GB of built-in hard disk and quality sound in a regular car, it will be had for me to give the Volvo up.

20th Jan 2009, 20:36

I test drove 5 different 2008 Volvo S80s and almost bought one. (Got a Lincoln MKZ instead.) The S80 has wonderfully comfortable seats, good acceleration, super quiet interior, no engine vibration at all, beautiful interior, stylish exterior. My wife was quite disappointed I did not buy the S80, partly for status, partly for the comfort.

One significant drawback was that to answer a cell phone call, the button to push was a dealer add-on that hides behind the steering wheel where you can't see it. The cell phone was actually a big part of why I was looking to buy a new car, because everyday I am driving 65 miles per hour when my wife calls to ask about who is picking up the kids from school today, and there I am struggling to pull my cell phone out of my pocket. And our city has passed laws for only hands-free cell phones allowed.

But the main thing was the steering feel was just too vague. Eventually I realized that my Mercury Sable had better steering, to which my car knowledgable friends "well of course, your Sable weighs 800 pounds less." If I was going to spend that much money for a new car, it had to better in every way than my Sable (which my MKZ is.)

3rd Feb 2009, 10:35

On cars with the built-in GSM phone there are two buttons on the front of the steering wheel to answer/make or reject calls and buttons to go up or down in the menus.

The only time you need to take your hands off the steering wheel is to enter text messages or names in the address book.

24th May 2009, 10:02

I have a 1999 2.4 auto S80. Had it for just over a year.. it's on 85000 miles.

2 problems in this time. 1st solved at Volvo.. thermostat and temp sensor replaced..

2nd problem on going.. (suspension) or what seems la ack of it. renewed rear shocks and roll bar links. Rear end still seems to jump around when on long stretches of bumpy uneven roads.. makes the sunroof rattle.. shame as it spoils the car...

Past its MOT. Thinking of doing the rear bushes?

16th Jul 2009, 06:16

OR here again:

Finally sold the car at 45k miles. No further problems to report - it's been a very reliable car.

I've only sold it because of the difficulties in fitting appropriate child seats in the back and wanting to go for an estate, now my family is growing.

I will miss the S80 dearly. Fantastic car.

17th Jul 2009, 09:56

Forgot to say, climate problem was quickly and easily solved by a trip to the dealer, who re-calibrated the software. Wasn't expensive either.