26th Nov 2005, 11:12

Same bad experiences with the S80 T6. Volvo is absolutely shameful for putting out such a piece of junk after having owned two previous premium Volvo's, a 780 and 960. The front wheel drive cars are an experiment that failed. Weak transmission (GM built - Mine failed at 29K), numerous electrical glitches, coking in the intake manifold (960 with same engine never did this!) due to faulty firmware in the engine computer that is only available through a Volvo dealer, faulty ball joints, too much weight bias to front end (car bottoms out unless one creeps over uneven surfaces), and poor interior fit quality. Never, Never again will I buy a Volvo product. Local San Jose representative at Auto Show had the audacity (stupidity) to claim user Volvo's bring more than blue book (retail) value. Save your money and buy a BMW or Buick that actually has the best warranty around, both of these two brands produce cars that rarely fail and therefore don't even need warranty or out-of-warranty repair work.

30th Jan 2006, 11:04

Are there any good S80 T6’s out there? I truly doubt it. My 1999 with only 34,000 km on it when purchased in 2001 had ball joints and tie rods replaced twice,the ignition system replaced light bulbs replaced regularly, door hinges tightened, expansion tank replaced, power steering pump replaced, 0 2 sensors replaced twice, and at 54,000 km and using a liter of oil / 2000 km. the engine was replaced.

My S80 T6 is not just an extremely attractive luxury car that does not live up to the legend, it is backed by a dealership that during all that warranty work and more, with no end in sight, would not consider taking their car back on fair terms. The manager was arrogant and unapologetic when greasy fingerprints were left on the hood, tools were found in the engine compartment, and steel turnings were found in the driver's area after servicing (the ignition replacement).

There ought to be a law against selling cars like that.