2005 Volvo V70 2.4i from North America


Nice to drive, but expensive to maintain


The electronics of the car are poorly built. The alarm system, cooling fan, fuel control module, fuel sensor, and fan control module to name only a few have failed.

Front steering and suspension are weak.

Front bearings failed.

The ABS rings corroded and had to be replaced.

Parking brake shoes de-laminated.

Plastic crankcase hoses crumbled.

The alternator regulator had to be replaced.

If you have an AWD, it is even worse because of the increased complexity. Stay away of these cars when they age because they are money pits.

General Comments:

I kept the car because I could fix it myself. The knowledge of the make helped reduce the repair cost. However I can't imagine someone having to pay for the repairs at shop rates.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2016

2005 Volvo V70 D5 SE 2.4 from UK and Ireland


Best estate car you can buy


Engine management system failed 2 times resulting in 2 breakdowns one being on outside lane of motorway. Also giving of various false warnings.

General Comments:

This V70 is a great car to drive although I have had some electrical problems with it, fuel consumption is excellent even although I'm using it as a taxi average m.p.g. in city is 38 and out of town is around 50 m.p.g.

It is the 2006 model year and it's the 185bhp (6speed).

The boot space is massive, and has lots of room for bags and cases, even with 4 passengers in it.

After been told by my dealer that they have not had faults with the V70, I find it hard to believe after reading comments on this site and a few others. It would be intresting if anyone could back me up on this, as there ARE problems relating to the V70.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

23rd Feb 2007, 08:18

IT would appear that there are faults with the Volvo V70. LIKE ALL CARS. However, the V70 is generally seen to be one of the most reliable cars out there and if my own personal experience is to go by, then I believe that to be true. Currently I own a 95/ 960 @ 180,000 miles, a 98/ S70 @126,000 miles, a 98/ V40 @ 108,000 miles and 91/ 440 @ 168,000 miles - I will not drive anything else than Volvo!!!

22nd Apr 2007, 15:36

An update on my previous comment that I stated about my V70.

After 45000 miles, a part of the engine management system has been replaced along with 4 link rods, hand brake failed, cover for fuel lines fell off on motorway, Passenger window going down on its own, car running on 4 cylinders, temp gauge giving faulse readings, car been for software updates this resulting in poor fuel economy, car starting without turning the key while in the ignition, airbag light coming on for no reason, rear windows jamming, CD player malfunction resulting in CD player being sent to Sweden still don't have my CD`s back after 4 months, cruise control not working, car going into safe mode resulting in loss of power, car recalled for safety recall something to do with turbo, and finally car has been to dealer 23 times in just over a year.

I bought this car in Sept 2005 for my work, I have lost quite a few days of work, the dealer in Glasgow still says the car has no problems HA HA HA!!!

22nd Apr 2007, 15:42

Sorry I forgot to mention that my previous cars have been a 1986 240, 1990 340, 2000 S40, 2002 S40 and the 2005 V70. I have always been very happy with Volvo, but the new models don't seem to live up to their name looks like when Ford took them over that's when it went wrong.