31st Dec 2010, 17:48

Dear all: a quick note to say "Happy New Year" to anyone who encounters this post -- and to provide a bit of an update.

More than 2000 kilometers have been accumulated since this amazing 2004 V70R 6-speed came into the family. It continues to run perfectly as we bounce around through the leading edge of Winter. Took our youngest son back to the airport two days ago after he came down for Xmas. Conditions: very nasty, with lots of blowing snow, blizzard conditions, drifts everywhere, freeways down to one lane, ice and ruts, and unplowed access roads. Many vehicles in the ditch everywhere, but the 'R' was flawless -- absolutely no problems. I could not be more impressed with this combination of drive train and tires. After 40+ years of driving in the worst that Canadian Winters have to offer, I have to vote this 'R' as being the best ever. And outstanding fuel mileage, to boot. I would have a very tough time finding anything to complain about.

The previous owners dropped by today from Northern Alberta to deliver the roof racks and rear cargo compartment cover that had not been included when the 'R' was originally delivered. We met in the Tim Horton's parking lot with a cruel, serrated, knife-edge North wind cutting through every breath we took. In mere moments we were frozen to the bone.

They were a bit wistful before heading off to the mountains for their New Year celebrations. "We miss the 'R'," they said, casting sorrowful looks towards the shiny silver curves of the beautiful car they once owned. I can fully understand how they still feel. And every day, I am very thankful that (first) they took such good care of this vehicle under their stewardship, and (second) that they decided to sell to us just when we were prepared to make a move.

Vehicular motoring pleasure, thy middle name is "Maintenance".

Best wishes to all for a very pleasant and productive New Year!


6th Jan 2011, 20:38

Update as of 06 January 2011: OK, my daily driver and daily commutes. Have had zero problems of note with our new "old" 2004 V70R 6-speed manual and studded Hakkapeliittas, now with well over 2500km accumulated since delivery. This is an amazingly good vehicle, great performance coupled with wonderful foul weather features -- especially notable in our nasty Winter. Have noted minor throttle hesitation -- very infrequent, seems random, nothing that can be noted in terms of driving conditions, etc. -- and given that all warranty / software upgrades have taken place, I am now thinking of spark plug replacement before the 105K mile / 168 KM maintenance appointment (about 8 months into the future). This is based on what I've learned on the V70R forum -- I'd recommend that anyone reading this, who doesn't know about that forum, do a web search and read what they have to say.

So, a summary since acquisition: this 2004 V70R 6-speed manual is a superb vehicle. I realize there is a noted history of problems with the angle gear and clutch -- so, given this is a 6-speed manual, I am well aware that some things will eventually need attention, hopefully later than sooner. But, overall, so far, this is the best vehicle I've had in over 40 years of driving experience in Northern Canadian Winters. None of us who own P2 V70Rs should be too concerned about spending some $$ on regular maintenance to keep this wonderful vehicle alive and well.

Cheers / Blueleezard.

4th Oct 2011, 21:12

Well, it's been a while since I commented here...

Our great V70R now has 172K KM. It has been a total joy to drive since acquisition in the Fall of 2010.

The 168K KM maintenance has been completed except for the timing and serpentine belts, plugs, and filters -- to be done in the next 10 days or so.

I had the fuel rail pressure sensor replaced early last Summer, as it had failed on account of years of under-hood heating / cooling cycles -- now there are no drivability problems whatsoever (the hesitation noted earlier).

There is a current problem with the chassis settings. Right now the car is "defaulted" to the failure setting, but it's not "fatal". That means I have been driving the car back and forth to work every day for the past couple of months now, with that error message, but the conditions affect nothing. This was verified by the head Volvo tech at a nearby dealer. Almost certainly the observed problem is on account of the yaw sensor on the left rear axle that has come loose somehow. So that will be fixed when the remainder of the belated 168K KM maintenance is attended to in the next while.

At the last oil change (at the local Toyota dealer, not Volvo -- the warranty is long since gone), a low IQ tech person stripped the drain plug. The oil pan cannot be re-tapped because the stock drain plug is very large. So, that meant a new oil pan that took more than a week to be delivered by Volvo. The tech might have screwed up on the stripping, but the oil pan delay is not Toyota's fault of course. Anyway, our wonderful 'R' has been holed up in the Toyota shop awaiting the new oil pan, delivered today as I understand it. Plus the rear sway bar links have been replaced while waiting for the oil pan -- they needed it after +170K KM.

But other than that, nothing to speak of -- and we love our 'R'. I would have to say that it is the best vehicle we have ever owned. I went on and on about how great our 1998 S70 T5 SE was on this "Car Survey" site -- it was truly a great car (and was sold at a good price to a happy new owner). Now, I would have to say even with the very small problems encountered so far, the experience with our 2004 V70 R suggests this is an even better vehicle. Unstoppable in Winter, unbelievable driving fun and pleasure at high speeds in the Summer. Excellent fuel mileage, too. Build quality is superb, comfort and convenience are excellent, and fit and finish is pretty well the best we’ve ever seen.

This vehicle has a large turning radius, but that has never been a problem – just takes a bit of advance planning.

With the exhaust bracket removed, I don't worry quite so much about ground clearance issues. The stereo is superb, the A/C is excellent, and overall performance of the vehicle is outstanding. If I was in love with our 1998 “passionate Swede”, I am even more in love with our 300HP “silver bullet” wagon.