19th Oct 2011, 04:04

So, basically, in 10 (TEN) years, your V70 has started to have a transmission issue and blows a few light bulbs! If that's it after 10 years, that's not bad in my book!!! It's not a new car any more, and no car lasts forever!

2nd Jul 2012, 13:03

I have never been so disappointed with a car in my life.

The V70 is a lemon, tart as all get out, through and through.

Bought the 2001 used in 2005.

First week: transmission warning. Volvo dealership said it would need a new tranny, but the Volvo guys (independent specialists, good reputation, I trusted them) where I bought it reviewed codes for three hours and told me "no".

Two years later I had to replace the trans.

Here are all the repairs I've paid for BEFORE the 100K mark:

On a long road trip with three 11 year old girls on board, the alternator went out with no warning!

Cost me towing, hotel nights (they had to get the part from a town miles away) and 600 bucks.

Why didn't I get a warning light? Sigh.

Transmission was replaced at only 80K.

Compressor out - A/C won't work.

Throttle - rebuilt installed at 140K (800.00).

Radio - busted who knows why.

Different bulbs are out every other month.

Emissions out of code CONSTANTLY.

Ball joints - 3 times.

Other suspension, misc - over three times.

Radiator fluid container - cracked.

Brake hoses - cracked.

OK - maybe some of this is routine, but for me, for a Volvo,

having to replace a tranny at like 80K is an aberration.

As for comfort, this car has the least legroom and the most uncomfortable seats ever. The seats are pitched so low that we have to hoist ourselves out - and now that the kids are in their teens, they cannot stand to sit in the back. No leg room.

Bought the car when they were little because it was the safest - but for the money and agony it's caused us (around 1500K per year in repairs averaged over six years) I definitely should have gotten rid of it years ago.

As I LOVE(D) Volvo, I stayed in this rotten marriage way too long. Never again!

Oh - I forgot, the side door insides are falling away from the frame.

Sliding screen separator in back is stuck in its roller.

There is absolutely no place to rest an envelope, handbag, or anything, unlike the old square Volvos, which had little shelves.

The "clicker" software is so expensive that we cannot afford to replace the clicker - and why has it worn out anyhow? At 500 bucks I thought it would last.

The back hood has no handle with which to open it, without putting all your packages down - usually takes two hands.

You would think from this review that we are "hard" on our cars, but this is far from the case. I so wanted to love this car, but it has spoiled my loyalty. Maybe I can find a nice old 240...

15th Sep 2013, 17:08

Go over to swedespeed.com or Matthews Volvo Site, or google "Volvo AW50 drain and fill". Also, B4 servo upgrade, software updates and an adaptive drive. Assuming you have not neglected the transmission for too long, a COMPLETE drain and fill using ONLY 3309/Toyota Type IV and the other cheap fixes above may well keep you on the road to 400K km. But DO NOT delay this service!!!