16th Dec 2005, 13:36

Volvo V70 AWD. April 1997.

I may be tempting providence by submitting this report, but with 190,000 miles approaching, the performance and reliability of the car have been amazing. I have however found it necessary to book the car into the dealer today for urgent repairs. 2 panel light bulbs and handbrake adjustment.

The original clutch was rather fierce and may have been the cause of a failed rear drive shaft bearing at 100k miles, but these were replaced within the 5 year warranty period.

I have had the car from new, and apart from tyres, 1 new battery, 2 sets of brake disks and 3 sets of pads everything else is original including the exhaust system. Despite long winter journeys on autobahns, auto-routes and motorways there is no rust. No oil is added between services and I recently achieved 30 mpg on a 200 mile journey at an average of 69 mph.

The car has only broken down once when the dealer forgot to reset the computer after disconnecting the battery. I ran out of petrol when the computer was showing 90 miles in the tank.

The only thing that could improve the car at present is a new windscreen. The old one is peppered with stone chips and is a bit dodgy when the sun is low in the sky. The engine management warning light stays on permanently, but the dealer says that it is just a faulty sensor and not worth replacing.

The leather/alcantara trim and high quality carpets are almost like new and there are no leaks or rattles.

With retirement looming I really ought to downsize to cut my fuel bills, but while this great car keeps running I am happy to pay up at the pump. It is still probably less costly than the depreciation on a new smaller car.

30th Apr 2008, 21:46

For Everyone's information: I owned a 1999 V70 base for 50 months, adding 66,000 miles to the first owner's 48,000. I had no problems with that car. Tie rod ends and two torn C/V boots (gaiters) were the only parts which needed replacement. Normal maintenance was no more expensive than any other car. Don't ignore maintenance and service campaigns. Thanks, Georgeandkira.

29th Sep 2008, 10:35

We purchased a 1999 Volvo v70 AWD. At first things were great. Over time it has had many issues. We were first plagued with the O2 sensors going bad. After replacing many, the Volvo dealership noticed the wiring harness from Factory had rubbed thru a wire therefore shorting out every new Oxygen sensor we put on the car. Volvo did credit back some of the repairs for the last sensor, but we did not get any refund on the first several.

2nd set of issues were radiator, brakes, Universal joints, seals, bevel gear, and now the Drive shaft. We have spent more money on this car than we originally paid for it. We are not sure whether to sell this or if the problems will stop.

I am sure of one thing, I will not be purchasing another Volvo.

1st Nov 2009, 12:50

We owned a 1984 240 DL that was everything the Volvo legend said it would be and more. When it finally headed to that Great Swedish Sauna in the Sky after 15+ years we replaced it with a 1999 V70 AWD with the light turbo option. B-i-i-i-g mistake!

Within the first year the V70 had at least a half-dozen minor electrical problems, all fixed under warranty but requiring a dealer visit for each. It was relatively trouble-free for about 4 years but since then it's suffered at least one $1500-$2000 system failure every year. We've had to repair or replace the ABS, A/C compressor, 0-2 sensor (twice) and various emission controls. We would have sold the car long ago except for having 2 kids in college that limited cash flow.

The last straw was this week when the electronic throttle failed to the tune of 4 days in the shop and ~$1900. The car is less than 3 weeks outside of the extended ETM warranty but the dealer will not budge on covering even part of the repairs. That's despite a 25-year relationship including all maintenance except oil changes.

I'm not sure what's next but after reading so many similar posts on this and other sites, the V70 is our last Volvo.

16th Jun 2010, 02:54

I have had a 1999 V70 AWD for 10 years, & it has never been in the garage, never broken down & never given a days trouble. It is great for motorway driving.