13th Dec 2003, 23:06

Wearing polarized sunglasses will eliminate reflections, glare and improve overall driving visibility.

6th Jan 2004, 20:56

We have a 2003 Cross Country and absolutely love the car Except for the glare from the dashboard onto the windscreen. Our interior is the Oak color and we are having trouble locating a dash mat.

23rd Jun 2004, 06:13

I have the same problem with glare on my XC 70. I have the taupe interior. Volvo has been of no help. It is disappointing that this problem exists with such a fine car. Nothing I have tried reduces the glare.

1st Jul 2004, 06:37

We bought a 2004 V70, "oak" interior, 3 days ago. Same problem.

As a previous comment stated, polarized sunglasses immediately fix the problem. However, the glare persists even in early evening, and I don't like to wear sunglasses at that time of day. I guess we'll find a dash mat.

In describing the 2005 models, theglobeandmail.com refers to "improved trim for the doors, A-pillars and dashboard materials for less reflected glare". So it sounds like Volvo is addressing the problem (which is not limited to Volvo cars at all).

13th Jul 2004, 15:59

It should be quite obvious that when an owner has an option, selecting a light colored interior is going to have a different interior light quality. Its been that way since the 1940's and 50's when they started offering alternatives.

Having the option, I chose the lighter of the two, due to the fact that the dark interior gets hot as the blazes in the Tennessee summer. The lighter interior had a noticeably cooler feel to it. The darker one felt like an oven. People in hot climates have gone for the lighter interiors for years, and I'm glad to have the option. Thank you Volvo!

When the sun shines there's going to be reflections. It's something the driver needs to regulate with a sun visor or sun glasses, especially if they chose the lighter interior. Buying a light colored interior and then complaining about the reflections basically sounds like complaining about the sun in your face if you bought a convertible, or the reflections that come in when the sunroof is open.

I don't want to offend anyone, but I am a firm believer that when someone makes a conscious decision to buy something that is a very well established product, with a great reputation, then they should learn to live with it.

21st Jul 2004, 07:44

I bought an XC 90 a few months ago, Nautic blue metallic, interior leather light taupe. I am of the opinion that there is a real security problem because of the reflection of the inside dash board (light) on the inside window. When the weather is fine the "superb visibility" mentioned by volvocars is compromised. I suffered a small crash last week because of the above mentioned point. Furthermore, the seat belt of the child booster seat has not functioned correctly... I am waiting for an answer from Volvo regarding these issues. Is anyone else bothered as I am by the reflection? If a seat belt problem was noticed by someone else I would really appreciate a reply.

23rd Jul 2004, 20:16

We have a VW with black interior, and a V70 with oak interior.

Yes, there is a glare problem with the light interior.

But you can fix it with a $30 dash mat or a $15 pair of sunglasses.

Then you still have the benefits of a mostly light interior, without the glare.

On the other hand, it can be pretty hard to keep an all black interior from turning into an oven in the summer sunshine or showing every speck of dust that settles on it.

It would be nice, though, if Volvo could come up with a way to keep its light dashboards from causing glare at all.

14th May 2010, 14:51

Yes, I have a 06 XC70 and have the same problem with reflection on sunny days, and in the winter with all the snow. I called Volvo and they seemed to unaware that there was a problem. My other Volvo was an S80 with a black interior and I never had this problem. Only with my light colored taupe dash on the XC70. It's too bad... because what a nice car... wish I would have noticed it when I test drove it!

22nd Jul 2013, 01:09

True the glare is not good, so I bought a dash mat and all is good.

Just make sure the transmission is is the correct type, and use nothing but the right oil.

A flush is easy, and makes sure the transmission will last.

Spoil your car with REAL synthetic engine oil and enjoy the Volvo experience.

I hate the turning circle after the 1990 740 turbo.