2012 Volvo XC60 3.2 I6 from North America


Highly Recommended



General Comments:

Great car, extremely comfortable and reliable so far.

Has the base US engine, but doesn't feel slow; won't win any drag races though.

Excellent value compared to competitors: looked mostly at the Audi Q5 and Lexus RX; neither offered the tech the Volvo has, and both cost more.

Ordered European Delivery and the experience was great: ordered a special interior color and had a great trip, not to mention the fact that we saved money too.

Would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a small luxury SUV.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2013

6th Sep 2014, 17:56

Please be aware with the following defect, especially for 2010 models (perhaps also for later models):


7th Sep 2014, 22:42

Hardly a big deal, a windscreen seal failing. I assume the above poster works for the company that is dealing with them. At least Volvo is honoring any repair in the warranty period. I guess we could all buy a Lexus (at several thousand more) and just hope the gearbox doesn't break.

I'm being sarcastic - the XC60 is a fantastic vehicle and I would fully recommend one. No manufacturer makes a perfect car, but if a failed windscreen seal (which Volvo doesn't make themselves) is as bad as it gets, then I can live with that :-)

2012 Volvo XC60 R Design AWD T6 Crosscountry 3.0 Polestar-chipped twin turbo Premium gasoline from North America


This car is sweet. I mean quality relative to cost


The XC60 R Design is perfect - test drive if possible. Most importantly, compare it to its competitors (Audi, Porsche, BMW, Chevrolet, etc.) before purchasing a crossover.

General Comments:

I traded in my '10 XC60 for the '12 R Design.

My wife and I split the cost of the upgrade, so the cost became a lot more tolerable.

As a financial counselor, this was not easy for me.

However, getting into this vehicle and driving it just clarifies the differences... and the true worth of this near 50K vehicle.

Since no media outlet that I have seen has tested this car, the myths are everywhere, with a limited supply of facts.

Let's start by flat out saying the power band is hardcore right off the bat, all the way up to 6500 rpm.

A 0-60 mph jaunt at less than 6 1/2 seconds.

And for a non-V8 engine, in a crossover SUV that gets 23mph/gal at 65, this vehicle really makes me wonder just what kind of maintenance issues will be surfacing later.

The interior is all high quality; leather two-tone seats, large sunroof, heated seats, (heated steering wheel should be added as well), safety standards galore that allow this car to drive itself.

I would ask for quad exhaust (I am creating my own) and BMW drilled-out rotors purely for racing looks.

Love the rims and low-profile Pirellis.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2011

17th Dec 2011, 15:00

I hope you researched on the automatic gearbox problems that plague this particular car; it seems the main blight on it, all else appears to be OK.

19th Dec 2011, 07:11

Just regarding the recent comment. There are no problems with the gearbox on the XC60. I think the commenter is referring to EARLY XC90 petrol models, and even these aren't a problem after the 2006 model year. There are no gearbox issues on the XC60.

To the reviewer, I agree! The XC60 has fantastic looks, and feels quality everywhere... This car really is recommended, and looks even better value when compared to the X3, Q5, etc... Go Volvo!