1999 Volvo XC70 AWD 2.5 turbo from North America


Stay away from Volvo, unless you want to spend a lot of time with dealers


The XC70 runs through tires really fast - my brand new tires are almost completely bald after 32000 miles. I think this is unacceptable.

There was a problem with the windshield getting coated with some translucent substance and my coolant liquid kept emptying (and thereby triggering the light to go off on the dash). After 3 trips to the dealer, they figured out the problem - there was a hole in the coolant pipe that was causing the coolant to vaporize and coat my windshield (to the extent that I couldn't see the road very well). So much for Volvo safety!

The worst problem was a clicking sound from the rear passenger side that increased with the RPM. I first took it to the dealer while it was still within the warranty period. I took it to 3 dealers (twice to each) in the Seattle area, with no luck figuring out what the problem was - each dealer had the audacity to tell me that they "fixed" it in some way. Finally one dealer charged me $200 to inform me that they will need to change the rear drive-train for $1500. Drive train replacement later, the sound still exists! Now the car is extremely rough at 60MPH. Thanks a lot Volvo.

On the upside, Volvo dealers always wash the car.

I would never take another Volvo if they gave me one for free. They are absolutely unreliable.

General Comments:

The seats and stereo are top quality.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2004

22nd Jan 2016, 23:44

Not really unreliable was it though? In fact the only thing that has gone wrong was a rattle and a small hole in a rubber pipe... the rest was down to dealer mis-diagnosis and not faults with the car. Oh, once upon a time I had a squeak in an old car - it must have been the worst car ever made!!!