2000 Volvo XC70 V70XC 2.4L low pressure tubo from North America


A money sponge and not worth the cost of purchase and maintenance


Various lights have blown several times.

License plate light assembly corroded and didn't work. It took much persistence in getting this taken care of, as it could have resulted in a fine. Although the dealer admitted this was a problem with this model, Volvo would not reimburse even part of the cost.

Several problems and repairs of air conditioning system at considerable expense.

Hatch will not fully shut in cold weather, even worse in cold, damp weather. Frequent lubrication of latch and assembly lessened, but failed to resolve the problem.

Engine mounts needed to be replaced more than expected.

ETC (electronic throttle control - a computer part) needed to be replaced at significant cost. The dealer admitted that this is a common problem with this model, but Volvo would not reimburse even part of the cost.

Driver's door window stuck partially open at very inconvenient times and in bad weather. Power window master control had to be replaced.

Power sun/moon roof clanks and rattles on and off, even when fully shut. The dealer improved this with some adjustment and lubrication, but the problem remains and, again, Volvo will not acknowledge this, although the dealer identified this as a common problem.

Radiator and coolant reservoir leaked and eventually needed to be replaced at considerable expense, even though the cooling system was serviced fully at recommended intervals. Again, Volvo was not responsive.

Power steering box/pump leaked and eventually had to be replaced.

Brakes and rotors wear out more often than expected, especially as most of the mileage put on this car is highway.

Tires wear unevenly and quicker than normal in spite of alignments and balancing.

CD changer has jammed several times.

Emergency brake frequently needs to be adjusted and entire assembly needed to be replaced due to corrosion.

Engine oil leaks and replacement of seals more than expected.

In spite of meticulous care and the use of very high quality synthetic motor oil, the engine uses a quart every two thousand miles.

Rear differential had a slow oil leak, which was missed on regular maintenance checks done at recommended intervals, and the gears wore out requiring rebuilding of the rear differential.

Various aggravating squeaks and noises, even early on, most of which worsened.

Replacement of various suspension parts more often than expected.

General Comments:

Although the problems mentioned are not all of the problems, they are the ones that stand out. Many of them started to occur when the car was relatively young, but, unfortunately, when the car was out of warranty.

The car was bought at considerable expense, due to the reputation and overall good experience with a previous, older, Volvo. It was felt to be a good investment, as Volvo cars had (emphasize HAD) a reputation for durability and lasting an average of 16 years. It has been maintained at every recommended interval, without fail.

When relatively problem free (a rare occurence), it can be a very comfortable car, especially on long trips, and a good overall performer for an all wheel drive wagon. But, it's just not worth the money for all the aggravation and unexpectedly high expense that comes with it ($6,000.00 in repairs and maintenance this year alone...it's, again, in the shop at the dealer as this is written).

Overall, pleased with the dealership, and realize that there is a limit to what a dealer can do. The dealer has made good efforts in appealing to Volvo Corp. to resolve problems and even discounted some of the bills, and always provides a loaner car. However, very disappointed with Volvo Corp. (now owned by Ford) and the decline in quality of a once great car. Very disappointed with Volvo Corp.'s lack of responsiveness to a loyal customer and suppose Ford bears the brunt of the blame for newer models.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2005

13th Jul 2011, 10:02

I agree. I've had 3 previous Volvos prior to my 2000 XC, and they used to be great cars. No longer. The 2000 has been an unreliable car, frequently breaking down, the front end is crap, leaky engine, and expensive to fix. No more Volvos for me.

2000 Volvo XC70 Station Wagon turbo from North America


A lemon


At 50,000 miles the throttle linkage went out, costing approximately $800 to fix through my local Volvo dealer.

At 55,000 miles the fan in the turbo bent causing a screeching noise and an additional expenditure of $$1,300 to fix through the Volvo dealer.

General Comments:

It is unreasonable that the throttle linkage and, separately, the turbo should need to be replaced in a car with only 55,000 miles.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2004

20th Mar 2004, 17:08

Look mate it is a Volvo if you get it the parts it needs it shouldn't ever let you down, and you say its only done 55.000 miles, I bet most of them miles have been done with the car floored, if so from experience Volvo's don't like too much revs that's why.