2006 Volvo XC70 2.4 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


If it was a dog, it would be a Labrador


Sold as seen... Always a concern. Turbo thingy... Volvo would charge a king's ransom to sort that out!!! But we picked the car up for a steal so the £500 we paid for a good quality, guaranteed, repair to the turbo was worth it. Nothing else wrong.

General Comments:

Grizzles first:... MONSTER roof pillars limit the view a bit. The steering wheel could be more adjustable (up and down, in and out).

Happinesses: Comfortable!!... You could drive from Vienna to Vladivostok in the XC70 and smile all the way in warm, comfortable, quiet loveliness. It wafts along in effortless gorgeousness.

Fastnesses:... It's not an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes rocket ship, but it'll certainly romp along well enough, thank you very much. Overtaking is no chore, unlike its fatter, slower big brother, the XC90. The XC70 will cruise, happily, at well above the legal limit and can be driven with considerable gusto if you have the 185 or 210BHP versions.

Stoppingness: Is always good and the XC70 has excellent disc ABS brakes.

Safenesses: Roll cages and airbags all over the show and side impact systems and the list goes on and on... If you're unfortunate enough to stack your bus, the XC70 is a good one to have an accident in.

Usefulnesses: Not as capacious as its larger friend, the XC90, but nevertheless, a huge and usable volume thanks to the near vertical tailgate. Good fixing points and power outlets for changing gadgets and gizmos.

Off Roadnesses: The XC70 will potter about very happily on ice, snow and mud and, if you know what you're doing, better than some would have you think it'll do... Many years ago, I owned a V70XC and my friend who had a Land Rover Discovery, he couldn't tow caravans out of the campsite as well as my V70XC could. A lot of what your car can do is down to you.

Coolnesses: Hmmmm, it's a Volvo... You decide whether it's cool or not. I think the XC70 is a car you could take anywhere and be 'acceptable'. It's not a show off and it's not a heap... It's not a something anyone could reasonably take exception to.

Greenesses: Slightly juicy... 35MPG average, but 40+ if you take it easy... and if you consider that they aren't made anymore; if you buy one, you're not adding to the traffic... A good one, if you look after it, should last over 20 years easily!

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Review Date: 17th October, 2019

19th Oct 2019, 14:13

Nice review. Glad you like the car. Doubt it will last 20 years though - Volvo's from this time period are money pits. Myself I just scrapped a 2006 S40 and 2007 S60. Good, comfortable, fast, luxurious cars, but at just over the infamous 100,000 mile mark, they gave me a lot of expensive trouble - turbo, electronics, you name it. Not worth repairing. Volvo are not as long lasting as they used to be (family had many Volvo's in the 1980s and 1990s that lasted much longer and gave much less trouble).

2006 Volvo XC70 2.5 turbo from Colombia




The automatic transmission was hard and doing some strange hits. I did the service in a Volvo dealer for $600 US; they changed the software for free, but this did not work.

We decided to open the transmission, it was all damaged and bothersome; the cost was $5,000 US. As the wagon is so nice and good in every aspect, I decided to pay that money. Today I will receive the car with an all new transmission and new software from Sweden.

What do you think?

General Comments:

Very nice ride, comfortable and tight, good force and confident.

Wonderful finish, look and stability, space and materials.

I think that it is better than any other car, and I have 2 Mercedes and 2 BMWs.

I bought another one from 2009 TD, that I found with 57000 km in an immaculate state. Red metallic, beautiful cream and wood interior. I'm happy.

I hope the seller will help me with the invoice.

Sorry that this shape is over. Now the XC60 + XC90 replace the wagon.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2018