2007 Volvo XC70 AWD 2.5T from North America


It would be hard to top the XC70's blend of practicality, luxury, and value (especially used)


Aside from normal maintenance, the following items have had to be replaced:

Rear differential temp sensor (AWD failure).

Steering angle sensor (anti-skid failure).

Ignition cylinder (key wouldn't turn - required tow).

Most light bulbs changed annually (there's always one out).

General Comments:

It's the most comfortable car we've ever had; the seats are unbelievably comfortable (front and back). It's sure-footed with plenty of turbocharged punch and gets decent gas mileage for its size and weight (~25 MPG).

We've serviced it by the book (every 7,500 miles) and have had minimal issues. It's not as carefree as a Honda or Toyota, but excellent by European car standards. We plan to retire it shortly, but will keep around as a second car - it still runs and drives beautifully. The exterior and interior have also held up really well (save for the peeling cloth A-pillars - easy fix though).

Great car, but stay on top of maintenance and repairs. Also, use a local independent Volvo garage - you'll save considerably.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2015

2nd Nov 2015, 21:41

A great, honest and realistic review. Thanks.

31st Aug 2018, 14:46

Be aware that all 2007 and up models with the 3.2 engine (including the XC90 and S80) have a very fragile thermostat housing made out of plastic with small tabs inside which break after 8 years and cause the engine to overheat. Replace the thermostat at 8 years old before it fails and leaves the car stranded.


This applies only for the 3.2 engine (not for the 2.5T).