2002 Volvo XC90 T6 Twin turbo from North America


The interior of this car seems like a toy


The steering wheel was off center had to be aligned.

The door handles fell off had to be replaced.

The wheel bolts rust and had to be replaced, they rusted again.

The CD player broke was replaced

The inner panel of the driver's seat keeps falling off.

The driver's side speaker panel came off.

Window control fell in door.

All the door panels dented, they replaced them once and now they refuse to replace them again blaming the seat belt buckle not falling down properly.

Gas door hinge broke.

General Comments:

This car has great trunk space.

I love the seven seater option.

Though it's hard to use in an emergency since the pull out cargo cover needs to be removed to be able to lift the extra seats and there is no room to place the cover.

Cosmetically is like owning a plastic toy car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 5th May, 2004

31st Mar 2007, 21:18

To have had these kinds of problems with any XC90's interior someone must have been pretty rough on the car. If you can fault Volvo interior's for anything, it's for being too ruggedly simplistic - never a systematic durability problem like you're describing.

18th Jun 2007, 00:35

All in all you purchased a piece of junk. Volvo's are now made by Ford. If you were to purchase a Volvo from 1993 and under I can personally guarantee that these problems would not have occurred.

18th Jun 2007, 04:29

The above comment isn't true. I am a Volvo guy and also not happy that Ford own Volvo - but Volvo still make some amazing cars! Volvo are still ahead in safety, comfort and design. Most are still very reliable and I would recommend them. If your theory is correct, no one should own a Ford, Aston, Land Rover, Jaguar, etc, etc! Go Volvo!