1982 Westfield Lotus 11 from North America


Brittey Spears running down the street with her hair on fire couldn't attract more attention


Pops out of first gear. Street driven cars really should be more than 3 feet tall..

General Comments:

This was the Westfield Lotus 11 model, of which they produced somewhere around 180 or so. It had been commissioned by two brothers in Ohio and was built by Chris Bebe which is a great friend and collaborator of Peter Egan of Road & Track fame. It was very close to the original with tube frame and aluminum tub. Fitted with a 1275cc BMC motor with Weber DCOE, it had plenty of zip to propel its 1100lbs curb weight.

As this was a no expense spared project, the little car had all the candy : Italian air horns, built-in radar detector, all AeroEquipped lines, plexi hood scoop, leather wheel, aircraft switches, properly stored jack and brass hammer... even a cigar lighter for Pete's sake..

Driven on the streets of Dallas, it caused a sensation wherever it went. One night a Valet pulled Tony Dorset's Escalade so the Westfield could have top spot..

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Review Date: 21st December, 2007