1992 Yugo GV Plus 1.3 from Colombia


Excellent economic car


The vehicle a lot, but cheap compared to others of similar characteristics and double the price.

The motor is very durable, it has already traveled, 220000 Km and it has not required repair. It is not a problem to reach high RPMs. I like since to make sobrepasos to other vehicles in the slopes bill with the enough power to make it quickly.

the paint is poor, partly because it is 10 yeas old.

The metal doesn't have any rust, it is well protected.

Very good fuel economy, it doesn't require high octane gasoline, even at sea level.

Excellent fuel injection system, the Bosch Motronic 3.2 has not required specialized electrical tuning, cleaning of terminals and some injector cleaner is all that is required, never had problems in spite of extreme temperatures.

The interior was changed for one of better quality, not because it was poor, just bland.

Front bumper and front doors have good structural reinforcements vehicles a lot bigger than mine have hit me and it has not required any repair.

I would buy myself another Yugo without a second thought.

General Comments:


The electric installation (Box of fuses, electric cables) are not of good quality, I had to change them and I didn't have any more problems.

The camber of the front wheels is not adjustable, the screw holes in the shocks need to be enlarged before you can adjust it.

The original parts are not easy to get here in Colombia, there are not common, but it is not a problem the Fiat 128 or Fiat parts fit also, which there are plent of here.

Small trunk, but it is not a problem, the back seat folds down and it has enough space for both suitcases, when two people travel.

It lacks a glovebox.

It requires a better instrument panel. There is only the basics (it Lacks Tachometer).

It is difficult to place the march change behind.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 23rd August, 2002