1998 Yugo Koral 1.1 EFI from Poland


I'm in love with my car!


My Yugo is a Polish edition, built in Poland from Yugoslavian and Polish components, in the second half of the 90s. That time was dark for both the Yugoslavian and Polish car industries. The components were cheap quality, and after buying a new YUGO back then, the first thing you had to do was visit a private mechanic to fix everything the factory overlooked and the official service didn't know how to repair.

A lot of things had to be repaired when I bought it. Previous owner didn't treat it right. Too many of them to write about... Just few examples of things that I had to repair: clutch, ignition cables, radio, suspension, leaking fuel tank, leaking cooling fluid container, broken lights, and few other things I don't know how to name in English... :-) But...

General Comments:

... somehow I fell in love with it! And now I'm a total Yugo-lover! (dreaming about having one of each kind: 45, 65, GV, GVX, Cabrio, Florida, etc.)

It's maybe because I'm half Serbian, suffering "jugonostalgia" ;-), and driving a Yugo is like a patriotic gesture ;-).

Thanks God I found a mechanic that has a long experience with YUGOs.

There are not many YUGOs still driving around Poland these days (only few old guys, and enthusiasts like me). Parts are hard to get, so we help each other and order the parts from Serbia or Croatia.

To all the people that say YUGO is a crap car... You are probably right, if you compare YUGO to some other cars, but if you have one of them then:

- Every trip becomes an adventure.

- People congratulate you while waiting for the lights to turn green.

- You have a low cost old timer.

- You have an old timer that is a pop-culture legend (Hollywood career, sculptures made out of it, songs sang about it, books written about it, etc.)

- Girls like you ;-)

- Police officers applaud and salute when they see you on the Croatian-Hungarian border (it really happened to me!)

- You can attend vintage car rallys even tthough your car is produced after 1989.

- And many, many more...

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Review Date: 16th January, 2016

1989 Yugo Koral 55 1.1 from Serbia


Cheap transport


Alternator belt likes to loosen up, and the car stops.

Burning oil and cooling liquid.

Front windows VERY hard to open, thus cracking the handle once in 10 days.

Engine was dead at 85000km.

General Comments:

Cheap to buy, cheap to drive! Very cheap spare parts and repairs.

Fuel economy could be better, but overall still very cheap to drive.

Due to a very low quality of the OEM parts, this car has a very bad reputation. A little money and an aftermarket tune up, can make this car a very nice drive!

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2011

1988 Yugo Koral 55 1.1 Carb. from Bosnia and Herzegovina


I will always have one Yugo in garage, no matter what else I may be driving


Ignition distributor blew off after 34000 km.

Lights switch burned because of 100w H4 light bulbs. That was my mistake.

General Comments:

This is great city car.

Car price and low cost maintenance are main adutes for buying.

With just a little tuning, it may become very attractive and fast :)

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004

1989 Yugo Koral 55 1.1L gas from Serbia


A fantastic car for a very low price


There have been no major faults with this car. I have kept proper maintenance schedules and have not had any trouble. Here are the ONLY things that you might find wrong:

Poor quality electrical system. You may find your car stuck in the rain. I suggest replacing old or worn out components such as the distributor cap/rotor and spark plug wires.

Also the brake components wear quickly. Maybe this is due to my often "faster than normal" driving but in my experience, this car has fast wearing brakes... but they are very cheap to replace so it is not a great concern.

Suspension is not very comfortable and also wears quickly. However, this is a CHEAP car so do not expect a lot of comfort.

Aside from the regular changing of oil and drive belts, I have had NO PROBLEMS, this is a GREAT little car.

General Comments:

I am originally from Canada and I have a lot of experience with used automobiles, this is a good car for anyone with a small budget or looking for a small, fun car to drive around town.

I recommend this car, it is really good and reliable when properly maintained. I do suggest limiting long trips because it is not very comfortable, it is also a little bit noisy.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2001

19th Apr 2004, 23:45

Hello from Zagreb, Croatia.

For Yugo Koral55 on Serbia!!!

Nobody want Yugo. People buy Yugo because NEW CAR is best car, closed Yugoslav market, competition very bad or to expensive.

1989 Yugo Koral 1.1 from Slovenia


Hard to get something better for that money!


The brakes had to be replaced after about 50.000 KM (but I don't know how long they had been there before I bought it) - though, they ARE really cheap!

Oil and gasoline filters were changed every 10.000 - 15.000 KM as a regular car service.

The seats (covers) wore badly and were replaced, but it's a matter of taste.

General Comments:

The seats are uncomfortable, but it's alright for shorter distances.

The engine is quite loud, but it's not bad sometimes being able to hear it run (most engine defaults are audible and easy detectable).

If not kept in a garage it can get quite rusty.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2001

1989 Yugo Koral 65 Efi 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

Good city-car, comfortable and with good performance, economic, strong, good quality.

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Review Date: 16th March, 1998