2005 Yugo Skala 65 1.3 Manual (modified) from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent piece of Serbian craftsmanship



General Comments:

I am originally from Serbia, and was surprised when I found out that the vehicle is still in production today. When going to Serbia, I purchased a brand new one from Zastava automobili (Promet Beograd), with slight engine modifications (Pod filter system, EFI, etc. to 90HP), and added Air cond, power steering, CD stereo system, etc. from Zastava.

An excellent vehicle. The new one is quite fast (only 830KG, giving a good power-to-weight ratio). Only been driving for two weeks and it has been a pleasure to drive this vehicle after such a long time, especially a brand new one from our Zastava. 10/10.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2005

1991 Yugo Skala 55 1.1 petrol from Republic of Srpska


Middle performance, low cost servicing, usable and robust cheap car (road not needed to drive) :-)


For the ten years only parts I had replaced are pump and erasers.

General Comments:

About the car: this car cost some $3500 for me.

What do you expect to get for this money?

The interior is not something Zastava can be proud of. There are bad arranged plastics, but still better than the 1970s.

Engine is 55 PS and its behavior is very satisfactory, I think better than many cars produced even these days.

I drove it at 150km/h successfully, the acceleration is not the best, but is better than many cars (ie Fiat Uno) - some 13-14 seconds from 0-100 km/h.

The best thing related to this car is that anybody can repair it and the parts are very cheap.

For the ten years I did not have any problems with the car. Nearly the only things one should buy are petrol and oil.

The some people reported defects with the car a short period after they had bought them.

I think that there were many models and there were periods with production problems.

If your car do not have problems in the first 3 months, they will never appear.

Currently condition of the car is also satisfactory and it is better than many cars, ie Opels from 1989 to 1992, or Fiat, Skoda and similar cars my friends have.

So, will I buy this car again?

If Zastava/Yugo make new car models, better looking, with a bit better performance and security than present, with the same approximate price - of course I will.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2001

13th Oct 2003, 08:58

I have to say that you must be deluded if you think any Yugo is better than a Skoda, even the old pre VW Skodas were much better built and handled much better than the Yugo. A better comparison would be to a Lada or FSO.

3rd Apr 2006, 17:08

I have Yugo Skala 65 wit LPG and I can say that this is the best combination for cheap driving.