2010 Zhengzhou Nissan OTING 2.5L turbo diesel from Colombia


An excellent 4x4 investment


My car has special characteristics, was built in 2010, and the engine hasn't been started in the dealer's service after arrival; the injection system began with a failure, but they have solved it. Water sensor has been lit before the arrangements.

When I began driving this car, I began driving it in a high rpm regime (from 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm); the additional performance after 2500 rpm in this engine wasn't better. I have changed from rpm management regime to 1600 rpm until 2500 for the up and low positions in the gearbox, and actually my car functions fantastically...!!

A "creeping noise" in the back door has been a detail, but it'll fixed by the dealer.

General Comments:

When you compare the offer of real pickups and 4x4 "not SUVs" (for US automobiles with 4x4 designs) in our country for design, equipment and engine, it's the most competitive in price and facilities.

People fear the Chinese hybrid origin of this car, but Nissan offer all the support and automotive parts.

It's a good investment, I am proud of my 4x4 car, and wait continuing with this new family of cars.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2011

28th Jul 2012, 19:57

Actually my car has 13799km, and is functioning without any impairment. The car dealer service is by the Nissan network without any difficulty; they are nice, responsible, effective and fast. Auto parts have no problems. By this time, these are the tasks of mechanical revision completed by the Nissan dealer in Colombia:

Oil change, oil filters changed, tires alignment and rotation, 4x4 electronic control change, hydraulic pump revision and replacement (for driving was not a problem, a little bit sticky, but after replacement, turning left, right and parking became easier).