2008 Zhengzhou Nissan Rich Nissan 3.2 litre diesel (QD32T) from Paraguay


Best pickup on the market by value!


After some days, about 10 days of ownership, the starter would not run in the morning. I fixed the problem by myself; it was a connector plug under the hood. It had slipped out due to false wiring in the factory. There was stress on that plug due to misguided wires. It was a bit tricky to find the location of the plug, because all the components are labeled in Chinese letters.

At about 90000 km I had a problem with the cardan. It made a squeaking noise. The problem was a fully dry cardan joint. It cost me 25 US$ to fix it. The new joint my garage installed has a greasing nipple now.

Officially Zhengzhou Nissan does not have an official dealer nor spare parts in Paraguay. Fortunately 99 percent of the parts used by Zhengzhou Nissan are from NISSAN. And these parts are available here without pain.

General Comments:

Previously I never had a pickup truck. This is my first one and I am very satisfied with it.

Sure, in comparison with my MB, it is a fully different world of riding. But I had to leave my MB in Germany since I went to Paraguay. And here in Paraguay a tough pickup with 4x4 makes sense. The main roads are a great experience as they look like farm tracks, even if you do not assume this at the first look.

I love my pickup even though it is hard as rock on the road. It never lets me get stuck in the rural regions I am going to. The 4x4 with auto lock is perfect for heavy terrain and it went across water 60 cm deep like nothing. No water inside the cabin!

The engine they installed is the best choice for this car. You can climb any incline in 1st gear at 1,000 RPM. Pure stroke power!

The consumption is very moderate; about 10 litres / 100 km of distance, if you keep the speed at not more than 90 km/h. And for sure the engine is not designed for high speeds. It comes from the freight vehicle line of NISSAN. That should be kept in mind.

The motor has no camshaft drive chain and no electronic fuel injection so the maintenance is very cheap and easy.

Oil consumption is nearly zero. An oil change needs 7 litres of 15W40.

Overall I can say: It the best pickup you can get for 21,000 US$.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2016