2006 ZXAUTO Deer 2.8 diesel from Guatemala




- Whole front suspension broken less than 8 months after purchase. Had to adapt a Toyota suspension. Expensive.

- All belts in engine needed to be changed after 4 months. Not easy to find in Guatemala.

- All four doors and their rubber seals were falling apart, allowing water into the cabin (less than one year after purchase).

- Door handles (interior) fell less than 6 months after purchase.

- Lights (all) constantly blown.

General Comments:

These vehicles were purchased by the government, quite cheap, but resulted to be more expensive than buying a Toyota or an Isuzu.

"Grupo Los Tres", Guatemala's only Volvo importer, introduced these cars into the country, but found out soon that it had been a bad move. Their workshops were full with vehicles for repairs or maintenance, but there were no spare parts to fix them.

Being hybrid vehicles (Toyota front, Mazda doors, Isuzu engine, etc), they are very difficult to repair or fix unless you have the factory part.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2011