3rd Apr 2011, 14:44

Hi there.

I have a 99 A8 automatic transmission, it only goes into 1 gear. Can you please help me?

Thanks, Markus.


12th Jun 2011, 11:17


I too have the airbag light on, and the ABS light on most of the time on my 98 S8. The guy at the local garage told me that the ABS fault could be a crack in the sensor. The airbag I don't know. I have had the gearbox refurbed also, but the car has done 207,000 now, so I guess I can't moan. The latest glitches are a lack of hot air from the heater when the engine is hot and the water tank is full, and a smell of fuel, and whilst driving, sometimes everything switches off, including the engine! Any advice would be good.

Many thanks. Tony.